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In our constantly changing and intensely challenging economic world, everybody is on the lookout for good long term ways to achieve an edge. About every part of our everyday lives appears to be influenced by COVID-19, and standards in the workplace are no different. If you are trying to develop workforce endurance and social power, your community must evolve to meet the changing behavioral shifts in your staff.

For certain people, when booting up their device, an intranet is exactly what they encounter first thing in the morning. The automated key to a business is the intranet. This portal will open up to a very small room or it could be the gateway to a whole universe with a multitude of workforce content and services.

As an outcome, among the priorities for intranets, creating community is now the topmost priority. To manage a good modern workspace, social, workspace and other communication features inside an intranet is now the key.

The purpose of every company is to put the organization ahead of the trend and empower intranets to lead organizations to new peaks of performance and productivity.

It’s essential to recognize what patterns in the communication you ought to keep a watch on in the organization. Let’s begin by acknowledging the top 2020 intranet trends-


Employee participation has a significant influence on the happiness and efficiency of workers. Either or not a worker relies on the employee individually, but companies have a huge effect on employee involvement – by having a successful intranet environment, for example.

A user interface (UI) that is compelling, intuitive, and well-designed would improve intranet acceptance rates and enhance employee engagement. You could manage ideal content and deliver state-of-the-art socialization software, but none of that would count if your UI is misleading.

The intranet acceptance process will be powered by user-first architecture which will keep workers returning to your intranet apps, whether it is to seek solutions to challenging questions or support complete assignments.


Optimizing intranet connectivity and intranet functionality on android platforms, which will again be the priority this year. Generally, for intranet technologies, this must the next move.

Platforms are commonly used in offices, but enhancements to the mobile incorporation of the intranet would support remote staff managers and team members who are expected to work whilst traveling without a laptop. No matter the system, condition, or location, intranets have to be mobile-friendly.

Optimized touchscreen efficiency, fast deployment, and smart creativity would indicate a mobile-friendly framework and features. The implementation of an automated mobile intranet would also enable an organization to obtain more statistics that could be utilized in the long term to refine and develop mobile functionality.


Mostly, the use of intranets is regarded as voluntary. When using personal and smartphone devices, this is particularly true. Hence an intranet trend must reflect on the additional value and importance it brings to the customer.

Relevance is generated by quality keywords that depending on location, team, position, preferences, or employee path, are chosen as efficiently as possible. Strong personalization thus not only provides significance but also restricts ambiguity. Complexity could become a big obstacle for many consumers as companies become more multinational, dynamic, and fast-paced, and displays get smaller.

There should be open and legitimate content (project presentations or meetings should stay in the group rooms of the collaborating platforms). Simple idea: Whenever content is important to as many workers as possible, planning it properly and making it easy to locate is worth the hassle.


Digital employee engagement has been a phrase that has increased in use over the last year, leading to a more comprehensive and systematic perspective of how digital platforms in the staff lifecycle will boost the ultimate employee satisfaction at all levels. Much like stakeholders understand customer engagement, the idea of employee experience resonates equally, especially with HR mechanisms.

Powered with a requirement to drive a greater user environment for workers, intranets are increasingly viewed as part of an entire network that leads to personnel moments like onboarding, internal advancement, and more, along with driving daily productivity and interaction.


Personalization is yet another major networking pattern in the work environment. We see that customized employee updates are becoming more common via intranets.

Personalized intranet interactions can inspire players to join in and regularly use the intranet. But for an individual, how would you add more customized value? This may be achieved by displaying corporate news unique to a precise department or group or suggesting information focused on the desires and strengths of an individual.

Like this personalized service, as they access the website, users will see the changes that are most relevant to them and regular updates will keep them active.


The modern workplace is getting more dynamic and individualized as it is growing. There is no paucity of flexibility in this setting, but instead a lack of orientation.

Employees must have the confidence to understand official and binding material explicitly. Intranets create precisely this clarification and are thus important for greater transparency and the corresponding elimination of the company’s complexities.

Identified with a corporate logo and a clear desktop and smartphone interface not only strengthens a strong internal identity, but it also provides a forum that can be trusted by workers.


Trends in the intranet that integrate content are created by users and social elements popularized by sites such as Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, and much more. Although blogs, journals, and chatbot features allow more user engagement, business intranet software is not new. We’re now witnessing a shift towards private intranet personnel profiles.

People are more interested in their identity and story; it can keep workers interested and associated by bringing it into the workplace.

To receive real-time insight into employee engagement and involvement, we are searching for new media characteristics around user-generated data and well-researched employee reports, and personal-post metrics.


Also before COVID-19, the aim was listed as one of the top three variables workers search for in an organization. The outbreak has only intensified the need of each agency to relate their practice to a common good. They are best able to manage constant confusion and stay involved in their everyday activities when the workers have a sense of mission.

It depends on your senior management to bring to fruition the missions and ideals of the company. Encourage individuals via blog entries and homepage acquisitions to spotlight peers who are creating a difference and voice their opinions on the intranet.

Social impactful programs provide an outstanding chance to align the whole staff under a shared mission that embodies the essence of the organization. By publicizing it on your specific intranet, establishing dedicated discussion boards, and exhibiting internal representatives, create a buzz about your initiative.


Since after the pandemic, about half of all staff has worked remotely, relationship building must be at the topmost of your priority list. While most employees find that interactive team coordination is effective, only marginally more than 50 percent feel linked to their distant peers.

Leaders have also switched to workplace friendly hours including in-person team bonding events in the past to get workers together. Although many of the staff are expected to return to the workplace, all remote with on-site workers must have access to networking resources.

The best team bonding options also come from the staff, so invite everyone to exchange thoughts such as interactive quiz nights and regular catch ups.


For your organization, creating your intranet can be a big time-and-money crater. Designing, designing, deploying, and then maintaining a custom-built company intranet program takes a trained team a long time.

Today, we are witnessing an uptick in businesses that host and offer intranet applications to market to businesses in search of a new tool.

The intranet acceptance and deployment time can be significantly decreased by buying applications versus developing them.

This will also supply you with customization options and will keep hold of upgrading the apps, so your entire internal contact plan is what you will need to think about.


When considering your specific employee intranet tools, scrolling through the collection of intranet patterns can be overwhelming, but it’s essential to imagine everything in the light of what fits for the business.

Therefore, digital intranets have a huge amount of space for user interface optimization when it relates to their planning, execution, and further growth.

Finally, if you’ve learned of Marathi typing keyboard and are involved in studying the dialect of Marathi, then despite any more hurry, you can start writing Marathi. This Marathi application is what you require while writing in the Marathi language, as it will boost your communication abilities.

In addition, by simple connectivity, it helps users to toggle seamlessly between English and Marathi. Keeping the true representation and criteria of the Marathi community at the edge, users can also text in English which can be continuously worded out in Marathi, adding to their benefit.

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Conversational AI and Customer Experience Automation: What to Expect in 2021




Customer Experience Automation

AI has become an integral part of any organization’s work. It can make a positive contribution to brand reputation, cut costs, and even increase profits.

With its help, companies process personal data, consumer preferences, and the history of their interaction. AI builds forecasts of consumer behavior based on this data, what kind of product will be in demand in the future, and much more.

Also, artificial intelligence provides a personalized customer experience. While voice recognition still remains a puzzle to developers who are trying to create an algorithm that will mimic human-like communication as much as possible.

Let’s take a closer look at what trends in customer experience and conversational AI are taking place in 2021 and what to expect in the future.

Conversational AI and Customer Experience Automation Trends

1. Personalized Customer Experience

Because of the fast pace of life, people began to value their time more. We are bombarded with gigabytes of content every day that we can’t process. Therefore, it is tough to capture the client’s attention.

Customers buy on the go, so they want an app-like shopping experience without swamping their phone memories with heavy apps. Some impressive progressive web app examples illustrate that companies convert their websites to PWAs to provide a polished shopping experience and smooth navigation.

In 2021, customers no longer accept a general approach.  Now companies can achieve results with audience segmentation and a personalized strategy. And that’s one of AI capacities.

When collecting data, artificial intelligence allows for analyzing potential and real customers. It lets you personalize everything from content to reviews, recommendations for products and services.

Assess who you are targeting. What are the common interests of the selected group? How many people will receive information?

What’s more, you can go beyond just segmentation. Look for interesting information for the consumers, learn new things about them, and offer a product or service that suits best.

An example of personalized recommendations is the “You may also like” section on the product pages. They are not just random collections of goods but similar products that may appeal to you. You can check it out in the screenshot below taken on the Ariat website.


2. The Omnichannel Approach Is Key

In the field of customer experience (CX), we will see more sophisticated customer interaction strategies. Channels for CX are expanding and going beyond just offline or online.

According to statistics, 51% of companies use at least eight communication channels to interact with clients.

In 2020, customer service was complicated by the transition to online trading. It required companies to refine their customer experience approaches and enable an omnichannel experience. With this approach, the customer can interact with the brand via social media and continue communication via phone or SMS.

The company provides a seamless and integrated experience and preserves customer data, so they don’t have to repeat the same thing every time. From the first to the last contact, the user has no friction along the entire customer journey.

3. Chatbots Will Become Smarter

Primitive chatbots are a thing of the past. As companies accumulate more information, chatbots will become smarter. They will need to switch to customer support specialists less and will respond to advanced queries. In addition, chatbots will be increasingly personalized. They will adapt to the individuals to solve their routine tasks.

Chatbots won’t only inform but also take action, and it’s already the case. For example, a client using a chatbot can order food delivery, book a table in a restaurant, or a hotel room.

I provide the screenshot below as an illustration of my words. It is Dom, Domino’s pizza virtual assistant. Customers can save time without browsing the site or downloading a mobile application. Instead, the chatbot will collect and send all the information to the system.


Also, chatbots will develop in the direction of better voice recognition. High-quality systems will be able to understand accents, slang and analyze speech amid the noise. For quick customer identification and additional service capabilities, voice bots will use biometrics technologies.

The most probable trends in bot creation include:

  • the ability to extract and accumulate knowledge from dialogues (i.e., self-learning of chatbots),
  • the power of chatbots to communicate with each other to exchange “knowledge” and “skills”.

Final Thoughts

In the 2020s, AI will integrate more deeply into the customer service infrastructure. Trust in technology will grow, and approaches to using conversational AI in corporations will mature. Thanks to the accumulated data, bots will predict the reasons for support calls, relying on the communication history and personalizing the communication with each client.

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5 Most Common WordPress Errors & How to Fix Them




Wordpress error and how to fix them

WordPress is a content management system that is slick to use and helps you in building websites and build e-commerce website design. With the help of plug-in architecture and template systems, you can customize any website and create an online store or start your business. However, most businesses hire WordPress experts to solve their web development issues.

Here this article elaborates the common errors that people make in WordPress development along with the solution.

List of Top 5 WordPress Common Errors 

1. The “White Screen of Death”:

One of the cryptic errors in WordPress is White Screen of Death. This error turns your website into a complete white blank with nothing in it. When the site is not loaded properly, then this error usually takes place.

Way to Fix: To fix this error, you need to disable your faulty plug-in. At times, the culprit is your theme and you need to disable the theme and activate the WordPress debug mode- This will let you see the errors directly on a specific page. You can pinpoint the cause of WSoD. Finally, you need to Purge your cache and raise your memory limit.

With the above-mentioned methods, your error would be fixed. Still, if you continue to face the issue, then you should seek assistance from your hosting provider support team.

2. Internal Server Error:

When a foreign issue takes place in the server, the server does not know how to react to it and thus you end up having this issue. Fortunately, there are fewer chances for this error to take place, but whenever you do you can’t just sit back and wait. You need to solve the issue.

Way to fix: .htaccess is the name of the file that directs how your site will communicate with the server. .htaccess file is used to secure your site and to override some default server settings. You need to disable this file, you can find this file in the site’s root directory. There is not any rocket science that you need to apply, just change the name of the file. 

If after changing the name, your server error is resolved then you need to generate a new .htaccess file. For that, you need to go to the Admin dashboard > accessing settings > permalinks. Just click on save changes to generate a new file.

3. 404 Not Found Error:

Any non-technical and any internet user will be aware of this 404 Not found error. It is the most familiar error. This error takes place when the server is unable to request the page. .htaccess file is again responsible for this error as this file handles your hyperlink structure.

Way to Fix: The simplest thing to do is refresh the page. Here refresh means, edit and update the page. You can try changing the permalink and re-upload .htaccess files. The easiest thing to do is create a new file and name it .htaccess. Don’t misspell the name. You can upload the file to the root folder of the site. This way, your 404 not found error will be solved.

4. Error Establishing a Database Connection:

When your site can’t access the database, you will see this error. The database has all content stored, which includes information, posts, pages, and many more. When you are not able to access this important data, your site is not going to function at any cost.

Way to fix: To fix this error, go to the root folder, and access the wp-config.php file. To view or edit, click on the right side of this file. First, you need to check the credentials and see if it’s the same as the exact details. If you find any wrong in the credentials such as hostname, password, or username then correct it and your issue will be resolved.

If the error persists then you need to activate WordPress’s automatic database optimization tool. This tool can repair your corrupted database, and later you can define and save the file. You can run the new script in your browser. You will be asked to repair and optimize the database and finally, your issue will be resolved.

5. Connection Timed Out Error:

When the site takes a long time in loading, then you are highly likely to see this error of connection time out. In this error, the server struggles to load and then give uploading. When the site does not have enough resources for it to function, then this error happens.

Way to fix: You need to apply higher-tier to avoid this error. With higher-tier, your site will have more resources and it won’t need to load more. You need to optimize the speed of your site to avoid this issue. You can also check your theme if that is a hidden cause of this issue.


If you are planning to use WordPress for your eCommerce website then you should be aware of those above-mentioned solutions to overcome those mistakes. Else it’s better to approach a reliable WordPress Development Company to build your eCommerce website.

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Get the Most Out of Cloud Computing with Backblaze




Data Recovery

When you’re looking at data backup software programs, Backblaze B2 vs. AWS S3 can be an interesting comparison point. Both programs offer a service with which to back up all of your files in your private cloud. However, they have different service offerings. Let’s look at how Backblaze B2 vs. AWS S3 to find out which one is the best choice for your business.

Keep data Protective:

Backblaze cloud storage is a data backup service that lets you store data in its private cloud. Rather than having all of your information stored on a traditional data server, this kind of service stores all of your information on their virtual cloud. To do this, it makes use of its virtual machine.

It can use all sorts of technology – including the Amazon EC2 – to make sure that your data stays protected no matter what happens to the actual physical machines that it is kept on. It stores its backups on Amazon’s main server.

Able to View All your Files:

The way that Backblaze B2 works is by allowing you to create a web interface that you can use from your website. When people come to your site, they can access the Backblaze cloud backup page and view all of your files on the cloud. They can then download these files into their computers and upload them to their hard drives. You can also access your files from any computer with internet access through the Backblaze web interface.

Schedule Multiple Backup Events:

The nice thing about Backblaze B2 is that it offers a lot of additional features for the money that you pay. One of those features is its built-in scheduler. This lets you schedule multiple backup events so that your company’s data will always be backed up no matter what you’re doing. Another benefit to using Backblaze B2 is its excellent ability to intelligently consolidate data into small chunks that are easy to access. Through this process, you’ll get an improvement in the speed at which your files transfer to your other computers and flash drives. This helps you to save a significant amount of time when it comes to your data backup operations.

Offers Unlimited Cloud Storage:

Since Backblaze’s service offers unlimited cloud storage, you can store any number of documents and other data and quickly create a timeline to retrieve them all on one computer. You don’t have to worry about keeping up with hard drives’ storage capacities, which is essential if you need to Backblaze frequently. Instead, you can let the service run on its schedule, with your files stored in an off-site data backup facility so that you can access them from any computer.

The best thing about Backblaze is that it lets you access your data from any computer with an internet connection. Because the service is cloud-based, all your files are stored in a secure online data backup center. This means that even if you experience a hardware failure at your office, you’ll still be able to access your important files and information – as long as they’re in an internet zone. That redundancy is extremely important for any business because, in today’s age, the value of one person’s data is no longer insignificant.

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