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These are some of the Most popular apps developed by India. Download those Apps on Your Smartphone. Click here for more information

Today, India excels in various ways, and innovation is no exception.

We have witnessed several Made in India applications that have captured the central place over the past few months.

Meanwhile, we also have experienced the emergence of several Made in India apps since the ban of over 100 Chinese apps, such as the very famous TikTok. Some of these app makers say that their services have been supported by PM Modi’s Atmanirbhar Bharat and individuals in India are already choosing applications made in the same country as their own.


    1. GAANA: Gaana is a single stop platform for all the music fans. Along with regional tracks, the app provides unrestricted access to various Bollywood songs. Gaana provides a paid membership, which requires users to stream unlimited tracks.
    2. BOOK MY SHOW: BookMyShow is a film-ticket booking app that has been extended in general to cover theatre shows and other related activities. It gives a full calendar of upcoming activities and allows users to pre-book tickets. BookMyShow also sends alerts informing consumers of display timings, even with this.
    3. WYNK: Wynk, the music broadcasting app for Airtel, has more than 2.5 million songs encompassing both the type Indian and foreign music. The application offers a huge music storage space, along with Pop, Rock, hiphop, Devotional and club, surrounding all styles and segments.


  1. PAYTM: Paytm enables customers to settle all their expenses utilizing the Paytm wallet cash, one among the quickest digital payment applications that already has an online purchasing interface built-in. Including paying insurance premiums, the app will also be accessed to schedule cabs. Users may also use Paytm to send / receive cash.
  2. FREECHARGE: Another digital mode of payment application which comes with a managed wallet is FreeCharge. Users will pay their expenses, buy online and send / accept funds through WhatsApp connections using FreeCharge. It also provides consumers with cashback deals and discounts.
  3. MOBIKWIK: MobiKwik allows users to make cashless purchases while receiving cashbacks. Buses as well as other similar material, such as route specifics and ticket prices, can be found using the app. Through the MobiKwik app, this can be paid for.


  1. FLIPKART: Among the most famous e-commerce websites is undoubtedly Flipkart, and its interface is especially effective. It sells items from different segments, and Flipkart also provides an extra discount on orders made through the app.
  2. SNAPDEAL: A further home-grown platform of e-commerce software that aims to provide consumers with a perfect digital buying experience is Snapdeal. The application features all the deals on the store that are eligible.
  3. INFIBEAM: Infibeam provides a wide variety of items in categories such as mobiles, books, clothes, footwear, lifestyle and much more. The app delivers ‘hot deals’ and ‘magic boxes’ to guarantee the best prices on online items available.


  1. JUST DIAL: For all forms of everyday needs-be it the information regarding trending movies or local restaurants-Only Dial acts as a one-stop alternative. The software also offers knowledge about restaurants, hardware shops, taxi facilities, florists, and many more.
  2. QUICKR: Quikr’s online listings marketplace software helps people to purchase, sell, rent and search something online. Without sharing their contact information, users can securely communicate with prospective purchasers and traders using the application. The app appears to have nearly 26 million new users added every month.
  3. OLX: OLX is yet another amazing platform related to classifieds, making it a cakewalk to purchase and sell all your second-hand things digitally. There are variety of ways to link up with one another where it is also offered to market participants.


  1. TEEN PATTI: With over 5 million downloads, Teen Patti has become a successful card game. Related to those casino games, including Poker, Texas Poker and Splash, it is a three-person game. The creators of the application also sell other games that have accrued more than a billion installs, such as Indian Rummy.
  2. LUDO KING: One of the best pieces of a Made in Indian application success storey is Ludo King. Ludo King has been there for several decades as a free and engaging application. Usually when users switch to the website to enjoy some challenges and enjoyable moments with relatives and friends, this game hit its height during the pandemic lockdown the most. The app can be downloaded from both the android Google Play Store and the iphone app store.
  3. CAR RUN: Car Run is a quick and real action-packed car racing challenge game which measures the driving ability of the players while escaping the chase of police officers.


  1. MAKE MY TRIP: It is obviously among the most common applications when it gets to travel booking. The software gives consumers special offers and also includes 2 G connectivity with an enhanced surfing experience.
  2. GOIBIBO: Goibibo is a have to-have for quick and secure online ticket reservation of anything from plane tickets to accommodations. The application recently received an upgrade and now allows users to win ‘goCash’ if a ticket is booked by any of their connections using Goibibo. Buyers will use this ‘goCash’ afterwards to reserve their own seats.

While speaking about these outstanding Made In India apps that enable individuals to have fun using their smartphones, there is this one amazing local keyboard app, Bangla Keyboard, that I must refer you to. For all Bengali speaking users, the software operates like magic. It allows you to enjoy and access different games and features to put your life at ease and also lets you stay relaxed. More flavors are applied to the keyboard software and keeps the chat even more engaging. Not to forget, with your profile in it, the application still has various free & hilarious funny tales. Download Bangla App now!

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How Can You Revive Your Faded Phone Back Cover




How Can You Revive Your Faded Phone Back Cover

Has your phone’s or laptop’s back cover faded beyond repair? You don’t like the iPad skin your father gave you? Are you dissatisfied with the look and feel of the hand-held gadget you’re now using? Don’t worry, though; equipment does wear down with time, but this has no effect on their efficiency. In terms of functionality, they are still adequate, but not in terms of aesthetics.

Most of us like to carry equipment that is attractive and capable of attracting attention. We are generally pleased with new hand-held devices since they are attractive and fashionable, but not with older ones. With regular usage, they fade and become jaded, and we feel the urge to replace them. However, replacing is an expensive business, and this is where we differ.

Rather than purchasing a new device, why not enhance the visual attractiveness of the one you already have? This seems exciting because it will not only save you money but will also allow you to show off your creative abilities. You can now customize the device’s skin to your taste. There’s no need to rely on someone else’s ideas and designs when you can create your own with relative ease.

Should you Customize your Phone Back Cover?

This is an obvious question, as we should seek to modify the skin of our device in order to make it appear attractive in the genuine sense. This will spare you the trouble of having to buy a new product while the old one is still in good working order. This is how phone skin designer software has changed the game and helped hand-held devices become more magical.

We can alter the phone or smartphone’s skin for a variety of reasons, including –

  • The device is cosmetically altered and given a new appearance.
  • You will not have to pay for a new gadget.
  • On the device’s skin, you can put your favorite images, designs, patterns, or colors.
  • The device can be given the appearance of a specific kind.
  • In a true sense, the back cover can be made to look brilliant and wonderful.
  • Users can show off their artistic side by customizing the smartphone with their preferred design.
  • There is no need to rely on designs produced for someone else.
  • A terrific method to personalize your phone cover and make it have the impact you want it to have.
  • Finally, there’s a chance to make the handheld device look fresh.
  • Get the enchantment that only a recently purchased item can provide.

Features Phone Cover Design Software:

We now have software that allows us to personalize the skin and back cover of any of our mobile devices. So, regardless of whether we have a laptop, a phone, or an iPad, we can now easily customize the back cover of any of them. The task-specific software we have is advanced in nature, with several features and functionalities.

Here are features and functionalities of the software –

1. Create your own customized skin design:

The software was created to assist users who have hand-held devices and want to personalize their device’s skin. They can design using a template or from scratch, as both methods can be employed for design objectives. The size and shape of the goods are irrelevant because any gadget’s skin cover can be altered in a matter of minutes.

All you have to do is choose the product you want to alter, and the rest is simple; even handling the product is not difficult. With almost minimal technological skills, you can design.

2. Choose any colors, text, or graphics:

Users can select any color from a wide gallery incorporated into the app. Everything is possible with the tool, from aligning the text to selecting the font of choice, from utilizing graphical effects to tinkering with photos. Cropping, rotating, and stretching photos to achieve the optimum visual impact takes seconds.

It’s also able to apply borders to the text or photos, as well as shadow effects. To top it off, photographs in any format may be uploaded to bring the rear cover to life. You can certainly think of anything to put the device back to life.

3. Leverage the power of 3D technology:

The software uses 3D technology to make product design look more realistic.

You can now touch the back cover from every angle and get a good feel for it. You may use a 360-degree perspective to custom develop your design and obtain the results you want. Because three-dimensional technology is used, there will be no discernible difference between the genuine design and the personalized design you make.

All of the visual effects that have been included and developed may be seen and previewed before deciding on the design for your back cover.

4. Compatibility across devices and web browsers:

The app for customizing your device’s back cover is not only simple to use but also cross-platform compatible. That is, you can access them from any device and use these online tools to their full potential. These programs are also multi-browser compatible, meaning they load quickly in any browser.

This also means you can access them regardless of the web browser you’re using. This feature aids in the smooth operation of the software as well as the easy expansion of their presence to new markets and consumers.

5. Simple front-end and admin panel:

It is not a problem for consumers or those who want to utilize phone skin designer software for commercial purposes to use it. It offers a user-friendly front-end interface and an equally user-friendly admin panel.

Sellers can integrate the tool with their e-commerce site and assist buyers with skin customization possibilities. The interface will load quickly, allowing users to take advantage of the features and customize the skin cover with ease. Learning to use the product is simple, and no one will have any problems at any point.


The user can express their creativity by using product customization tools to create the greatest phone cases for themselves.

With the different customizing possibilities available, the user can turn their perception into reality. Finally, when you complete the design, preview it. Then Save, Pay and get it manufactured.



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Are You A Good Boss In Your Employee’s Eyes? Find Out With Employee Monitoring Software




Evaluation of employees and set criteria for best or worst employees is a common thing. But these days organizations and businesses are making sure that they know about employee’s opinions as well. You must have a healthy relationship with your employees that obviously shouldn’t be toxic or energy-draining kind. Why not use the employee monitoring software to have an idea about the employee’s thoughts and opinions about the boss and team leaders, department heads, and overall organization.

As we know the use of employee monitoring apps to check the overall productivity and day-to-day routine of the employees is a normal task.  One can use the same technology to improve the work environment or change any rules and regulations that are specifically not working in favor of the employees or the organizations. OgyMogy offers an excellent employee monitoring feature that enables employers to use this tool for the best while maintaining the budget and following the laws.

Here are some of the features that can let you know if you are doing your best in the employee’s eyes.

Fair Work Distrubution?

Fair work distribution is necessary to ensure that employees are satisfied with the leading qualities of the leader. A complicated work hierarchy can result in complete chaos and can make the employees anxious about their position or authority. Use the screen recording feature to check the fair work distribution and track any employee who is not participating according to rules and regulations.

No Favorism or Neopitism Culture?

Maintenance of work environments that is based on the market is necessary for the healthy growth of any business or organization. OgyMogy employee monitoring software can help you track any such incident that doesn’t fulfill the above-mentioned criteria. You can listen to general office meetings, chats, and discussions of employees with the help of live listen to surrounding features. This feature keeps the record of all the surrounding sounds and chats for the user.

Toxic-Free Work Environment  for All:

Provide a toxic-free work environment for everything without any discrimination of gender, color, or race of the employees. One can use the mic bug and camera bug feature offers by the spy app for that.

Are They Satisfied With Your General Attitude?

You can check if your employees are comfortable around you or in a tense situation as it can also affect their productivity rate. You can know about it by monitoring the skype chat or general messenger or hangout that is usually used to discuss and share official matters. Most employees discuss such matters on these apps. OgyMogy offers a hangout spy app, skype spy app, facebook spy app and more that allow the user to get straight into the chatbox of the employees.

If Employees Have Any Complaints Against You?

You can know if employees have any complaints about certain group members or even you with the help of the OgyMogy employee monitoring app. Everything is openly discussed on social media these days. Monitor the social media accounts or instant messenger chat apps of the employees through the company-owned device and track anyone who is not satisfied with the work or boss. If the complaints are justified you can take action to make things better otherwise you can warn those employees who are responsible for spreading false rumors.

Is There A Corporate Spy In Your Organization?

A good employer has complete knowledge of what is happening under his/her nose. If there is one bad apple in your department or organization then he/she can put the whole organization under extreme damage by sabotaging its reputation. The keylogging feature can help you in this case. You can know about any possible spy or suspected employee activities by keeping a check on all the keystrokes. The keylogging feature gives remote access to any secret account, passwords, messages, or emails to the users. Catch them before it’s too late.

Are Employees Loyal to You and Organization?

Have access to the sent and received emails, along with your attachment history, and catch any employee who tries to share confidential information with outsiders. Email monitoring is one of the very demanding features, as professional coordination is usually done through emails.

Use the employee monitoring software to maximum benefit.OgyMogy also offers excellent parental control features as well. Visit for more.

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How To Record Calls And Surround Voice On Android Phone Remotely




Call recording is a necessity of the modern world. When it comes to business safety or child protection, call recording helps a lot. Companies around the world adopt this method to improve their business. If you call some helpline you might hear these words “Your call will be recorded for training purpose”. This is very normal these days. Another useful feature is surround recording. This enables the user to listen to conversations. This feature activates the microphone so the user can listen to the conversation. There are two main perspectives of using these call and surround recording features.

1. Parents Perspective

Raising decent children in this digital world is a challenge for parents. Parents need to do a surprise inspection of the child’s digital gadgets. And if they can do this remote monitoring, it’s a delight for them. Call recording and tracking are very useful for parents. By using this feature, they can listen to audio calls of the child. They can know to whom their child is speaking. What kind of talking they are having. This helps them to safeguard their child from any threat. Parents can also use the surround recording feature to check if their child is in bad company. If someone is bullying their child. If their teenager is in gambling or drugs. Parents can listen to all conversations happening near to target phone.

  1. Business Perspective

Business owners are struggling in this modern world to protect their businesses secrets. Employees are not always loyal. They can damage the integrity and privacy of the business. Employers can use call and surround recording features to track the conversations on company-owned devices. They can be aware of any potential data leakage. They can track if the behavior of the employee is bad with the client. They can check if the employees are in contact with rivals and trading the company’s secrets. They can also check what kind of comments employees are passing on their back.

Call and Surround Recording apps in Android Devices.

Voice calls are made through different channels. Cellular service and social media platforms are the most common channels. All these platforms are available on both Android and IOS. We will discuss using call and surround recording on Android powered cell phones. Many applications are claiming themselves as number one Android spying applications. But not all these are reliable and as efficient as they claim. The user must do comprehensive research when buying any of these applications. A well-developed monitoring app offers versatility. The tracking application offers many features for monitoring activities on the Android phone. The target cell phone user will never know about this spying activity. A good app such as TheOneSpy app and Ogymogy can professionally do this job. These app enables users to

  • Listen to calls in real time.
  • Record live calls on target Android cell phone.
  • Record Inward and Outward calls.
  • Track the information of calling person.
  • Put automatic mode on to record all incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Records verbal sounds near to the target device.
  • Get to know what employees are talking about on your back.
  • Records conversations of teens to know about their activities.

Spy app for android application are the best choice when there is a question of child safety and Business protection. The installation and operation are simple. Users need to get access to the target Android cell phone once. After installing the app on the phone, the user can get all the recordings in an online web portal. These tracking applications provide the user with an exciting remote platform. The users get the username and password of web portal on completion of payment. User can access the call and surround recordings through this online web portal. The price range is different for different applications. Different apps offer different price plans and packages. It is up to the user to select one of the plans which suits him. Price also varies on the number of features used. So users have to do a little research of the available features and tally these with his/her requirements.

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