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How Do I Make My CS GO Account Prime



How Do I Make My CS GO Account Prime

Counter-Strike series has become very popular in the gaming industry, especially the fourth in the series, Counter-Strike Global Offensive. Lately, games like PUBG and Fortnite have given a tough competition to the CSGO, but their number has been the same. CSGO still holds a huge fanbase and is very famous among the players of all age groups and genders.

CSGO is a first-person-shooter, multiplayer game comprised of two teams; the terrorist group and counter-terrorist. As the name suggests, the terrorist team comprises all bad boys who do bad things like planting bombs and taking hostages. Whereas, the counter-terrorist has got people doing all the good work, such as diffusing bombs, protecting people, etc.

The game provides one of the best virtual armories; riffles, guns, pistols, hand grenades all have special features associated with the article. There is a huge variety of grenades that help you in different ways during your game, like smoking the opponent’s screen, invisibility, and much more.

There are different modes; competitive mode, etc. and different kinds of matches in the game, deathmatches, etc. help the players face different challenges. Playing different matches can help the players modify and improve their gameplay and gaming traits.

If you spend more time on CSGO, it can help you in many ways; the more virtual currency you earn, the more you can purchase game assets and weapons. It can help you improve your game and learn communication skills and gaming skills from different players.

The developers of CSGO have also made the rankings for their hard-working gamers. There are different in-game ranks that you can achieve if you are a good and, most importantly, consistent player. People also buy different accounts such as CSGO prime accounts to make their gaming account worthy and their gameplay better.

What Is A Prime Account?

A prime account is a premier account that you can achieve in two ways; either getting it by your hard work or buying a prime account. If you have cleared level 21, the system will automatically update your account to a prime account.

Benefits Of Having A Prime Account:

Some benefits come with the prime accounts, they are:

  • Prime users will be matched with the prime users only in all the modes of the game.
  • Prime users have exclusive access to special souvenir items in the games like weapon cases, item drops and can approach almost all the active servers in their community.
  • You will have the best matchmaking if you are one of the higher-rank players of CSGO.
  • Using a prime account can somewhat protect you from cheaters and hackers.
  • Matchmaking with the best players can help you in showing your best gaming skills and only weapons. This way, you can also test your gaming skills and look for shortcomings. It will help you to learn from your mistake and making you a pro-player.
  • Buying a prime account can help you save your energy, and you don’t have to clear the initial 21 levels to get exclusive skins, weapon cases, and other gaming assets.

Do The Non-Prime Users Have The Privilege Of Playing With Prime Uses?

Yes, they can play a match that is made priorly in the lobby. But when a prime player plays a game against the non-prime player, the lobby is marked as the non-prime. In this match, the prime players and non-prime players can only play as opponents.

Let’s simplify it if you are a prime user and want to team up with a friend who is a non-prime player of CSGO, the only way you can play with each other is to play against each other. Non-prime players cannot play in a match that is prime-user only. It is completely impossible!

Does Prime Account Protect You From Cheaters?

There is no way you do not encounter any cheaters while playing any video game; the same goes for Counter-strike Global Offensive. But with a prime account, you might be able to avoid some cheater profiles.

Because this bug comes with the systems and cannot be fixed with having a prime account or free account, but it still gives you a little privilege when you are a Prime user.

Do You Need A Phone Number To Become A Prime-User?

Yes, you need to put your mobile phone number in the steam and clear the level 21 to become a prime player in CSGO.

If you don’t want to purchase a prime account, you will have to play at least four to five matches of the danger zone and competitive modes daily. But why waste so much energy and not buying one. You can get prime accounts from different online websites to increase the worth of your account. Some companies and websites offer accounts at lesser prices; try looking for one!

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Complete Guide of ESO Sip of Stamina




ESO sip of stamina

The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) is a role-playing video game set in the universe of The Elder Scrolls. MMO sports are a kind of computer sport that may be played by a large number of participants at the same time. The play is set roughly 1,000 years before the events of Morrowind. The ESO sip of health, one Tamriel is currently in a state of upheaval, thus there is a lack of coherent or competent administration.

Tamriel is in disarray as a result of the lack of a trustworthy ruler. Tamriel’s various tribes form an alliance to defend and expand their territory. Because Mannimarco wants to re-establish Imperialism on Tamriel, the Templars form an alliance primarily with the powerful Tharn family. Mannimarco, on the other hand, has a criminal who is secretly working with Daedric Lord Molag Bal to conquer all of Tamriel. You may take part in such experiences as an adventurer whose soul has already been stolen by Molag Bal. As a result, if you want to recover anyone’s spirit as well as Tamriel’s, you must kill Molag Bal.

At ESO, you should take part in a variety of such sports. It is a lot of performance between PvP and PvE with gathering and producing. During your adventure, you may come across a number of materials from inside Play. Now, we’ll focus on making a certain kind of cuisine dish known as sip of health ESO.

Guide to the Elder Scrolls Online Game

Many Elder Scrolls online playgroups will have the aim of locating all Sky shards. Its current beginner’s lesson should clarify a few important ideas to help you understand them. Creating a new gamer requires concentrating on and honing certain abilities. A greater grasp of the event’s fundamentals will increase players’ enjoyment of the broadcast. It was a tough sport to play. As a result, many individuals will want to acquire Sky shards. Regardless, certain clever setups will give players a leg up on their next trip.

The Game’s Origin Story:

The names of the event’s player categories and venues are unique. It adds to the strange and unique energy that players may experience when they first begin. This requires some planning because to the significant variations in swing beyond Tamil. The Emperor District of a sport increases the number of hero categories accessible to participants. The Middle Period of Tamriel should produce a lot of pictures from players that are interested in the explorer’s past. Once in the circle, players will investigate the benefits and drawbacks of each sport.

Develop A Character Class:

The selected hero has unique talents and powers that distinguish them from other – anti – characters in the narrative. To remain on track, each player must adhere to certain goals. The instructional exercise should clarify some of the characteristics discovered when reading a certain portion of Governance.

Other Abilities are Mentioned:

Each player will be given weapons as well as protection against the drain health toxin. The gun must be used to supplement the assault and charge groups based on the battle scenario. The protection is essential for decreasing the amount of damage that players take while being struck. Teams will not assault until they have fully studied a particular scenario.

You’ll need the following ingredients to make a sip of stamina recipe.

  • Water Tragedy Bestowed a Blessing on a Thorn

The preparation necessitates the use of pure water. You may also try any of the following settings.

  • Hillside Flower, Dragon thorn, Merciful Thorn
  • Thistle of Mercy
  • Rose of the Hill

Keep in mind that an ESO sip of health recipe (ESO sip of stamina) is just one of several ingredients required for the first alchemical manufacturing writs.

Why Should You Play the Elder Scrolls on The Web?

Many gamers are looking forward to the next Elder Scrolls Online game since it is the first game in the series to be converted to an MMO. Players have moved on from the world of Morrowind to the world of Skyrim, where they are anticipating yet another great title. We should look at five of the most compelling reasons why you should play this new MMO.

Gigantic Cards

If Skyrim has taught us anything, it is that Bethesda knows how to create a massive universe filled with depth and shock. This is why Skyrim had the opportunity to revitalise players, and we may anticipate something quite similar in Elder Scrolls Online. Elder Scrolls Online will display the guide to any remaining games, as well as many additions to the realm.

Game Mechanics

In previous games, players were often required to fight alone in order to complete objectives and kill massive monsters. However, this is not how MMOs operate. Some intriguing game features have been introduced to Elder Scrolls Online to encourage players to work together rather than alone. There will be cooperative energy between a part of the capabilities, which, when used collectively by a large number of players, will deliver a devastating strike. Sipping on health allows you to complete more tasks in a single try.

Final Verdict

In most MMO games, the character’s fortitude increases with level, although it stays consistent across levels. This is an explanation deal is a method for demonstrating the increase in power. A sip of health aids you in reaching high levels in a short period of time.

Elder Scrolls Online disrupts that connection by providing a variety of methods for developing your character’s fortitude and boundaries step by step. As a result, most Elder Scrolls online night out guides include information on in-game features that aren’t relevant to an evening out.

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5 Coolest Patterns In Mirror Cube That You Should Know




Mirror Cube

Since 1974, the invention of the Rubik’s cube by Erno Rubik, many people have come up with variations to the classic 3×3 Rubik’s Cube model. Among them are the megaminx, pyraminx, shape mods, snake puzzles and many other exciting ones. You can select puzzles according to your preferences or at the level you want to play at. The place to find all of these at one place is cubelelo.

Out of the vast range of the puzzles available, one such exciting puzzle is the mirror cube. Mirror cube is a stickerless cube with smaller tiles of different sizes. This is an upgrade to the beginners as there are no vibrant colours but just shiny reflective surfaces looking back at you.

Some of the coolest patterns have been stated below, try them out!

The cube has six faces which can be rotated singularly towards the side or either directions. Codes for each side is U, D, L, R, F, and B and can be spun in three ways: U denotes turning the upper face clockwise, Ui refers to counter-clockwise movement of the uppermost face, and U2 refers to half of a turning the upper face either direction.

The D denotes the bottommost layer. This notation is not really for use if you are a beginner. However, as you advance, this is a recurring notation. In the OLL and PLL algorithm, this notation will serve to be important, so look out for that. The L layer refers to the left layer. It is the least commonly used notation. However, it is important even with its few occurrences. Subsequently, R is the denotation for the Right layer. This is one of the most commonly used notations. Practice it a few times, so that it is handy. Similarly, F refers to the front layer. In all the basic and advanced algorithms, F happens to play a pivotal role. Try to remember it. The notation B could confuse you regarding its meaning. It is important to remember, B refers to the back layer. It can be confused with the bottom layer, so watch out for that.

1.  Checkerboard Pattern

Checkerboard pattern is an interesting way to go about the mirror cube. The notation for the same is given below.

L2 R2 B2 F2 U2 D2

If at any point, you get stuck, do not worry, just retrace these steps til you achieve the final goal. As the name suggests, the checkerboard pattern represents the checkerboard in a 3-dimensional structure. Refer to the picture below to compare your final outcome.

Checkerboard pattern

2. Six Holes Pattern

Checkerboard pattern is an interesting way to go about the mirror cube. The notation for the same is given below.

L2 R2 B2 F2 U2 D2

If at any point, you get stuck, do not worry, just retrace these steps til you achieve the final goal. As the name suggests, the checkerboard pattern represents the checkerboard in a 3-dimensional structure. Refer to the picture below to compare your final outcome.

3. Cube in Cube Pattern

As the name suggests, the cube in cube pattern is such a 3-dimensional figure which has a cube sitting in another cube. With the asymmetrical pieces of the mirror cube, it makes it possible for a cube in a cube sort of figure to be formed. The algorithm is simple. Follow the algorithm to get the cube in cube pattern.

F L F Ui R U F2 L2 Ui Li B Di Bi L2 U

The desired outcome is given in the picture, compare it with your cube to know if you got it right!

4. Four Spots Pattern

The next interesting pattern is the four spots pattern. It is also called the donut pattern. This is a simple looking algorithm ,but do not let it mislead you. The mirror cube has many possible patterns that it can create, owing to its asymmetrical pieces. However, the four spots pattern is the most aesthetic looking pattern. You can use it as a pretty paper weight or use it as a distraction to take a break from long hours of work.

The algorithm for the donut pattern is as follows –

F2 B2 U Di R2 L2 U Di

5. The Cross Pattern

The cross pattern refers to the Christman’s cross pattern. It is a very cool algorithm to use. The final outcome leaves you with a really fun structure that you will enjoy building.

The algorithm for the same is –

U F Bi L2 U2 L2 Fi B U2 L2 U

F L F Ui R U F2 L2 Ui Li B Di Bi L2 U

The desired outcome is given in the picture, compare it with your cube to know if you got it right!

The cross pattern

After looking at these amazing and super innovative patterns of the classic 3×3 cube, Erno Rubik must be proud that his idea has been taken to such new heights. Mirror cubes act as the perfect combination of fun and brain teasing puzzles. Whenever you experience any mental block, go ahead, try some cool patterns from the above list. Or create your own!

“Happy Cubing”

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CS:GO Rocked By Not One But TWO Major Controversies



Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was released by Valve Corporation back in 2012 as the fourth major title in the series, and has gone onto become one of the biggest names in the world of competitive Esports. It has one of the most hyper-competitive scenes and one of the most stacked calendars for fans to immerse themselves in, has attracted multi-million dollar partnerships with companies ranging from Coca-Cola and Monster to the US Air Force, and is one of the most adrenaline-pumping and easy to follow games out there.

And the recent Operation Broken Fang update has rejuvenated interest in the game and shown there’s still a bright future for the Valve title on a massively unexpected scale. However, the last month has brought with it plenty of obstacles for the community to have to deal with, including two controversies that have rocked the entire competitive industry to its core.

Here’s the full lowdown on the two controversies that rocked the CS: GO world over the past month or so.

MIBR’s Flashpoint Stream Sniping

MIBR have genuinely been one of the feel good stories in the world of CS: GO in the latter part of 2020. Having been in decline for well over a year and riddled with controversies outside of the server, the Brazilians hit the refresh button big time in October and hastily scrambled together an active roster made up loanees and far less impressive sounding names.

However, despite all the predictions in most CS: GO betting markets, the team has performed admirably well in most of the events it has competed in and the enthusiastic celebrations and passion on show has been a welcome and refreshing sight for fans to see.

But the side would become embroiled in a controversial argument on stream sniping during the recent Flashpoint Season 2 event. The tournament organisers discovered that the org had loaded up a stream of the event in their gaming room which was visible to the players from their playing positions, and even though there was a substantial delay, Flashpoint still considered this to be against the virtues of fair play and competitiveness.

MIBR were fined $10,000 of their prize winnings by Flashpoint (which was later donated to a Brazilian charity of their choosing) and all other teams in the event were warned that having a stream of the tournament open and visible would lead to their immediate disqualification.

BLAST And The Case Of The Comms  

The BLAST Fall finals were scheduled to begin on the 8th of December with a eye-watering match between Mousesports and Team Vitality followed by an even juicier-looking series between two of the world’s best sides, Astralis and Natus Vincere. However, mere minutes before the first match was scheduled to begin, news broke from the Counter-Strike Professional Players’ Association (CSPPA) that the tournament organisers had been denied access to the players’ voice comms and video rights on the grounds over the concern of what was being done with these things.

The tournament was delayed for over three hours as deliberations and discussions between the players and tournament organisers unfolded, with Twitter turning into an absolute state of hearsay and rumours, before eventually the tournament was resumed. Nevertheless, Astralis and Na’Vi’s matched ended up running well past 3AM local time for the players involved on the server.

However, speaking on behalf of all the sides and pros playing in the tournament, G2 Esports released the following statement:

“We fail to understand how and why CSPPA are involved in trying to raise concerns with an already resolved issue, without our knowledge or any form of previous communication,” the statement said.

To be clear, organizations generally operate with their players’ interest in mind; but in this round of CSPPA’s problem-solving, teams weren’t aware of any concerns from pro players that weren’t already addressed.”

It seems like the whole controversy was really dancing on the end of a small pin that was already well on its way to being resolved, and little more than an attempt by the CSPPA to try and assert some authority, but there’s no denying it did a great job in causing some havoc for the tournament and wrecked a couple of players’ sleep schedules.

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