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Everything You Need To Know About Ecommerce Virtual Assistant



Ecommerce virtual assistants help eCommerce businesses in doing various tasks like handling customer queries, providing information to customers, etc. If you use an ecommerce virtual assistant then your workload decreases a lot. Also, they offer 24/7 service to the customers, thus customer’s queries can be solved anytime.

As your eCommerce business grows the workload also increases. Now, you have to perform major tasks as well as operational tasks. But, spending a lot of time on just operational tasks is not good. It will not grow your business. The entrepreneurs should focus on the main tasks where their attention is required and other tasks should be delegated. If you think that you should hire someone to handle these tasks, then this is not a good choice because it will increase your expenses very much. To solve this problem, you can use virtual assistant services.

Which Tasks Can Ecommerce Virtual Assistants Perform?

Ecommerce virtual assistants can perform many tasks and some of them are as follows:

1)     Product Research and Sourcing

Virtual Assistants can help you in researching the trending products that are in demand and also the products that customers are supposed to buy. Also, they can surf the competitors’ sites and research their products.

2)     Product Listing

In product listings, one needs to be very careful about the product descriptions. Also, you have to upload quality images. A virtual assistant can help in capturing g product photographs and editing them. Thus, this crucial task can also be done by VA.

3)     Order processing

Order processing is a monotonous task. It includes managing order deliveries, invoice generation, etc. ECommerce VA can easily handle these tasks.

4)     Inventory Management

Inventory management is a complicated task. You should hire eCommerce virtual assistant. A virtual assistant that understands data can also determine the best moment to order fresh items so you never run out.

5)     Videography

Today, the customers are very smart. They look for everything before purchasing the product. Also, these videos can be shared on social media platforms and attract customers from there to buy your product.

Things To Keep In Mind While Hiring Ecommerce Virtual Assistant

Following are the things that you should keep in mind while hiring an eCommerce virtual assistant:

1)     Experience In Managing Huge Data

You should hire a virtual assistant who has good experience in managing huge data related to eCommerce businesses. This is especially important when it comes to developing and managing error-free spreadsheets.

2)     Language Proficiency

The virtual assistant should be very good in English; he/she should be fluent. The more languages the VA knows the better it is for you. It is necessary if you want to explore new regions; you need someone who knows the language of that region. So, look for someone who is good in multiple languages.

3)     Ask Them About Their Knowledge Of Product Listing

The VA’s understanding of basic SEO and other areas of product listing maintenance will be judged based on their response to this question.

4)     Hire Someone With Good SEO Knowledge

Knowledge of ERP is very necessary for a virtual assistant because it is necessary for handling orders & inventory. You should hire ecommerce virtual assistant who is good with various software.

5)     Hire Someone Who Is Passionate About Working In Ecommerce

For being a successful eCommerce VA, passion is necessary, if he/she lacks interest in working in this industry then hiring him/her will not be helpful. So, hire someone who has a passion for working in this sector.

How To Find VA For Your Ecommerce Store?

For hiring an eCommerce virtual assistant, you have 2 major options:

1)     Hiring From Virtual Assistant Agencies

Hiring from virtual assistant agencies is the fastest way to get virtual assistant services. The agencies will give you a VA who has the skills that you demanded. The payments will also be managed by the agencies themselves. Thus, it is good to hire from virtual assistant agencies.

2)     Freelancers

On employment sites and freelancer platforms, you may discover freelance e-commerce virtual assistants. Either way, you’ll be able to discover VAs with the specific talents you need while staying within your budget.


In the end, we would like to say that while focusing on the business sales, designing the website, and focusing on the growth of the business, entrepreneurs forget to pay attention to other operations. These operations however should not be done by you as your presence is not necessary. So, you can just hire an ecommerce virtual assistant and let them handle all these tasks. By this, both your time and money will both be saved. So, to hire eCommerce Virtual assistants for your eCommerce business is a very good decision and you should also take this decision as soon as possible.

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