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Best Reasons to Use Streaming Services to Watch Sports 




There has been a growing trend in the world of sports over the last few years, and it has nothing to do with NFL odds. More and more people are cutting the cord and ditching cable and switching to streaming services. 

Streaming services are not new, but there are now many more options available than what was the case a decade ago. These streaming services allow people to use different apps to watch sports or other forms of entertainment. 

Streaming services are not for everyone, but there are a few pretty clear reasons to use them. Here are five of the best reasons to use streaming services for watching sporting events. 

More Games Available

Some sports fans simply want to watch games, regardless of what times are playing. For fans of multiple sports, there are literally games being played 365 days of year. 

Most cable companies are only going to show the most popular sports, and only the top matchups for those sports. There will be some local games that are available, but that doesn’t help someone looking for teams in other parts of the U.S.

The biggest advantage of using a streaming service is the amount of games that are available. Especially adding on different packages to streaming services can unlock more games and different sporting events. 

Can Cut Out Commercials

Some sports fans use commercial breaks as a way to use the restroom or get a snack in between the action. For others, commercials can get annoying pretty quickly, especially during the latter stages of games.

Streaming services provide so many different options that flipping to another game during a commercial break can happen instantly. Some fans also enjoy starting games a bit late so that they can simply skip right through the commercials. 

Commercials or advertisements are not completely avoidable, but this experience can be improved by using a streaming service. 

“Local” Announcers

For some reason, sports fans are very opinionated when it comes to national broadcasters. It’s usually a good thing when a fan’s favorite team is on national television, but some of these games are watched with the volume off.

Using a streaming service to watch live sporting events will get the “local” announcers for out of market games. Fans fall in love with the hometown broadcasters on most occasions and this adds to the experience of watching the games. 

This won’t always be the case when using a streaming service, but it usually provides options to choose the broadcast feed that is more regionalized. 

Pick and Choose

Sports fans love to be in control of their sports watching experience, and that can only happen with streaming services. We already discussed streaming services having more games available, but it’s also nice that there is a choice as to what games are available. 

Streaming services usually allow sports fans to pick and choose what stations are available, and therefore they have more control over what teams will be on. Customers can also choose channels from different parts of the country, and that is important for fans that enjoy teams from many different geographical areas. 


Finally, the biggest reason that most people choose a streaming service is simply due to the cost. People are always looking for ways to save some money, and using a streaming service is one of the many ways that this can be accomplished. 

Streaming services can still get pretty costly depending on what all is included in the package, but that’s really up to the customer. There is a way to pay a very low cost to watch live sporting events by using a streaming service that only focuses on live sporting events. 


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Divisional Round Weekend Preview




Casino Online

It’s time for the NFL Divisional Round following a terrific Wild Card weekend of action. Some teams stepped up big, and other teams came up short. You can see all this information in the NFL stats from the six games.

This weekend’s matchups seem epic, with a doubleheader on Saturday and Sunday. The best game of the weekend will happen on Sunday night with a rematch from last year’s AFC Championship Game between the Chiefs and Bills.

However, there are a lot of other great matchups throughout the weekend to discuss. Here is your Divisional Round preview.

Saturday Games

The first game on Saturday will feature the Tennessee Titans and the Cincinnati Bengals. Based on the numbers, the Titans should win this football game coming off the bye. Yet, the NFL stats cannot account for Cincinnati’s momentum.

The Bengals won their first playoff game since 1991 last week against the Raiders. Las Vegas nearly took down Cincinnati on the final play of the game, but the Bengals closed the door and prevailed.

The Titans are a threat because they are getting healthy. Derrick Henry will be back in the lineup, but he has not played since October 31st. It’s hard to bet on a team because they bring back a player who has not played in months.

The Bengals deserve respect in this game because of Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase. Both players have done a tremendous job creating explosive plays on offense. Cincinnati’s defense is not great, but they can win this game because of offense.

The second game on Saturday is San Francisco vs Green Bay. The Packers should roll to victory in this football game because they have Aaron Rodgers. The 49ers beat the Cowboys last week, but I do not think Dallas was ever a threat.

The Cowboys are known for blowing up in the playoffs, so I would not look into this win when betting this game. The Niners have momentum, but the Packers are so much better than San Francisco.

Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams are game-changing players. This is combined with an excellent defense for the Packers. The line of -5.5 in favor of the Packers is the best bet of the weekend, in my opinion.

Sunday Games

The Sunday slate is much better than the Saturday games on paper. The start of the day will showcase the Buccaneers and the Rams. Los Angeles will travel to Tampa Bay for this game.

The Rams are coming off a win over the Cardinals. Many people believed this proved that Matthew Stafford could win in the playoffs. However, Stafford has only won one playoff game, and he must compete against the greatest quarterback of all time.

Tom Brady is the best quarterback ever to play the game and the face of football. In the postseason, Brady wins games, and he gets stronger in January. The Rams did beat the Buccaneers earlier in the season, but this favors Tampa Bay.

The Buccaneers may have some injuries behind Chris Godwin and their running backs, but they have Brady. This results in playoff wins.

The final Sunday game is between the Chiefs and Bills at Arrowhead Stadium. The Chiefs easily beat the Steelers last week, and the Bills blew out the Patriots. Neither team had a difficult week against their opponents.

The Bills have their shot at retribution, but I do not believe they are going to win on Sunday. Kansas City has a better quarterback in Patrick Mahomes. Josh Allen can make all the throws, but the Chiefs are everyone’s pick to represent the AFC.

For the Bills to win this game, they must control the clock and take advantage of opportunities. The Chiefs are dangerous because they can strike at any time. The Bills have a similar style of play, but I think Kansas City has a huge advantage at home.

No matter who wins, this is going to be a terrific matchup.

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Secrets Seasoned Casino Players Will Never Tell You




Online Casino

Online casinos are filled with secrets that only seasoned players have uncovered. The games, the players, and the house edge are all riddled with hidden information that can help you win (or lose) more money.

However, many of these secrets are known only to experienced casino players who have spent years honing their skills. This excerpt will discuss the top 7 best-kept secrets that seasoned players will not tell you. Looking to step up your game? Keep reading!

The House Always Has the Advantage

Regardless of what strategies or combinations you use to make money, the house has a built-in edge overall players. As such, gamblers can only hope to minimize their losses and maximize our wins by cautiously observing other players and trying out different strategies and systems that may give us an advantage over the house.

This is why seasoned online casino platforms will never tell you to play a certain way. They want you to make mistakes because you will be increasing their profits through the mistakes.

Casinos are Not Built On Luck

Many new players will be quick to tell you that a particular loss was just a matter of bad luck, but skilled gamblers know that this isn’t true. In most cases, it’s because of inexperience at the table and poor gambler etiquette.

More often than not, casinos are built on carefully designed mathematical probabilities and behavioral patterns of players. You can’t win unless you are well aware of what you need to do.

Many Games are Unbeatable

This is why casinos make so much money! There are several casino games where the house has an enormous advantage over all other players. For instance, skilled players only have a 1 in 3 or 2 in 3 chance of winning in blackjack, depending on which version they play.

Some roulette games may have odds as unbalanced as 1 in 17 million! However, the house always wins over time because it has more money to back any potential losses.

Casinos Love New Players

When it comes to casino regulars, the house always has the advantage. New players are easily sucked into thinking that they can win big time, but in reality, they end up losing more than what they win due to the edge the house has over them.

From this perspective, casinos are like any other business: they want to make money, and players are simply the customers of their product. It’s the customers who ultimately rely on luck more than anything else, but seasoned players will never tell you that your game depends on luck and that they just get lucky!

Some Casinos Use Psychology to Keep You Gambling

Like any other business, casinos make money by offering products that create demand. Since the house has the overall edge players (even skilled ones), they need to try and encourage players to keep gambling to win back their potential losses.

These methods could be anything from champagne rooms to free drinks at the bar, but the goal is to keep you gambling for as long as possible. Seasoned players are aware of that, and they would rather walk out when they feel like it’s not their day.

Casinos Can’t Stop Card Counting

These experienced players will never tell you that they use a mathematical strategy called “card counting,” which gives them a slight edge over all other players. If you count cards, casinos may change the blackjack rules, ask you to leave the table, or ban you from gambling altogether.

Nevertheless, card counting requires a lot of hard work and dedication for players to even have that slight advantage over all other players at the table.

Players are Not Random

Many American gamblers assume that when they sit down at a slot machine, the RNG (random number generator) will pick a random number, which somehow equates to getting lucky or unlucky.

The fact is that these machines are programmed in such a way as to make you lose over time. Casinos are not looking for players who win big and leave but make consistent small losses. Seasoned players hardly depend on the RNG.


Seasoned gamblers will never tell you the facts mentioned above because either they want you to lose until you find out yourself, or maybe because you didn’t ask. Casinos want to make money too, just like you, so who’s going to be lucky today? With this knowledge, you can avoid being caught up in the hype and lose money in the process.

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