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IT solution

Netlogix, an IT solution provider having years of experience offers our customers every solution to their issues. Our skilled teams have a collective knowledge of the industry that gives us an edge in the market to resolve the customer challenges they face while growing day by day.

Our target is to offer solutions to our clients that are beneficial for the current situation and coming future as well. We deliver the best services to our clients, promising the process, raising their capabilities, minimizing risk factors, and enhancing productivity in every aspect. We take complete care from designing, installing, and achieving future goals.

Our goal is to carry out particular targets, demands, and requirements you face in streamlining your routine tasks. Our main focus is to make our partners stand out in the market competition.

Why choose Netlogix:

Our years of expertise in the IT industry and our trustworthy commitments make us stand out in this industry. Our complete team is highly experienced in technology. Our expert technicians offer solutions to every IT problem.

What You Can Choose:

We are one of the dominant IT solutions and service providers in the UAE and the Middle East. Offering our comprehensive services in a complete range of networking solutions. We cover complete networking areas including Extra-low voltage, ICT solutions, Audio Visuals, cloud computing, Smart infrastructure, Hybrid IT, End-user Solution, and Engineering Solutions.

Extra Low Voltage (ELV) Systems

Whenever any company expands, comprehensive data lines including networking operations and technology are required. To indulge your telecommunication, surveillance, and security interference, net logix offers you a cost-friendly and time-saving, and steady communication system. Either your company is one of the oil & gas sectors where the atmosphere is uncertain, our team of experts design and install the utmost ELV system

ICT (Information Communication Technology)

Our professional technicians offer Information and communication technology solutions and services that support our customers day to day routine operations. Assisting our customers to optimize their business and fulfill their targets. In ICT solutions we offer our guidelines in network security solutions, data center solutions, remote monitoring,  and network operations centres.

Pioneering AV Solutions

As technology has modernized today, impacting every field. Audiovisual advancement has upgraded our way of communication. We are the creator of such advancement for your brands that are not only up to modern technology but are up to your prospect. Our professional teams of designers and technicians design a flawless user-friendly interface that is high in quality and easy to connect in any system.

Premier Cloud Services

Today cloud services have taken up the world’s data storage solutions to another level. We Netlogix are delighted to announce that we  had expertise in cloud services for years. We offer complete guidelines and system generation for cloud computing services, databases, servers, and networking software.

Smart Infrastructure Services

It is an effective way of collaborating digital technology with smart material that enhances the way of daily infrastructures. Our advanced system of robotics and automation systems increases the efficiency of machines and integrative artificial intelligence. Offering you a better data collection system.

Netlogix is one of the outstanding consultants and service providers in the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East. We inspect the proper challenges and requirements our customers have. And then after complete understanding and teamwork, we design the best unique smart infrastructure system.

Smart Hybrid IT Services

An approach where organizations administrate Information technology resources in-house but control them through cloud-based services. It is a combination of data workloads, delivering apps through IT infrastructure and Hybrid clouds.

End-User Solutions:

We deliver effective management systems with the main focus of enhancing companies’ business and objectives. Our versatile system solutions offer complete business directions to achieve future goals. We are contented to be a trusted partner for end-user solution providers in every business range.

Engineering Services

Including sites, we are well aware of the demand for IT infrastructure which includes cloud applications, scheduling, and project management. You can keep your complete data either on-site or in offices through our system. We have designed user-friendly software with advanced tools that make it feasible for your company to manage projects through sites or from your office.

NETLOGIX provides the world’s best networking solutions, Connectivity networking, and IT technology in UAE and the Middle East. We offer a smooth network with protection and economic rates. Our professionals collaborate with your company to offer complete data and protection systems including computer networking and IT attributes.

We are glad to say that Netlogix is one of the bestIT solution company in Dubai. Our extraordinary team of experts offers extensive solutions that not only solve problems but increase the company’s productivity. We are delivering the best IT Solutions and Services making our clients grow and enhance their business process. Either you are looking for IT solutions or IT service company in dubai than NETLOGIX is here for you. Providing the best IT solutions for your business.






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Evaluating Your Channel Loyalty Program Effectiveness



Loyalty Program

A channel loyalty program is an important ingredient in your company’s growth plan and a critical marketing pillars. Essentially, channel loyalty is focused on transforming the relationship between your firm and its various trade partners into a more emotional, transactional one. A strong and effective channel partner profile will create a positive atmosphere for your marketing and sales activities. Thus, by building a solid, credible and rewarding relationship with the people who are your most promising prospects, you will get more value and more business.

Some of the common channels to have a high degree of channel loyalty are: suppliers, vendors, service providers and retailers. Each of these groups has distinct characteristics such as their pricing, products, services and channel partners. In addition, each of these organizations has unique incentive programs and rewards for its channel partners. It is therefore essential to understand the nuances and the intricacies of these programs and offers. Therefore, before deciding to join any specific program, it is important to consider the various benefits and advantages that you can get by joining the partner.

Incentives play a very important role in many of these programs. Incentives allow you to reward your valuable partners and encourage them to continue doing business with you. Many of these rewards are financial in nature while others are made of non-monetary rewards such as discounts and consumer loyalty points. Each of these incentives is important in defining the success or failure of the channel loyalty program.

The first step in defining the effectiveness of the channel loyalty program that you are going to join is to determine the key performance indicators that you want to measure. This is very important as this will be the basis of determining whether your incentive program is worthwhile or not. This includes evaluating the growth of your partners, how well they have been performing, their customer loyalty and other key performance indicators. The key performance indicators will determine the overall success of the channel program. These include customer, average order, sales, cost per action, average revenue, return on investment and many more. Once you have determined the key performance indicators, the next thing that you need to do is identify the most important channels.

After determining the most important channels, the next thing that you need to do is evaluate your performance as a team in terms of achieving your goals. This is an important aspect of any channel loyalty program. You should have a clearly defined set of goals that you will be working to achieve throughout the course of the year. Your team should work together in reaching these goals and you should have a benchmarking system to help measure your progress towards these goals.

The next step is to identify and reward your top performing partners. Incentives should be given to all your high performing partners that are contributing to the success of your program. There are a variety of different types of incentives available to you so you can choose the ones that would best fit into your overall goals of improving channel partners.

Once you have determined what your specific goals are, you then need to determine the type of rewards you want to offer your partners. Some of the easiest types of rewards to offer are cash payments. Others may not be as easy to give as cash but instead could be in the form of discounted merchandise or free advertising time with a link back to your web site. Other rewards to consider would be discounts at participating retail stores in your local area, or even discounts at restaurants in your local area. All of these types of discounts will help in increasing your overall profits and helping to increase your market share.

It is important that when you are developing a brand loyalty program that you be patient and continue to evaluate your results over time. If you wait too long to begin offering incentives to your partners they might forget about them which can negatively impact your overall results across multiple channels. Be sure to stay on top of the trends across multiple channels by keeping an eye on the programs of other companies that could provide great channel partners for you. This will help you to make sure that your incentive program fits right into your company’s strategy and that you are offering something that your potential channel partners will actually be interested in.

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How Can You Revive Your Faded Phone Back Cover




How Can You Revive Your Faded Phone Back Cover

Has your phone’s or laptop’s back cover faded beyond repair? You don’t like the iPad skin your father gave you? Are you dissatisfied with the look and feel of the hand-held gadget you’re now using? Don’t worry, though; equipment does wear down with time, but this has no effect on their efficiency. In terms of functionality, they are still adequate, but not in terms of aesthetics.

Most of us like to carry equipment that is attractive and capable of attracting attention. We are generally pleased with new hand-held devices since they are attractive and fashionable, but not with older ones. With regular usage, they fade and become jaded, and we feel the urge to replace them. However, replacing is an expensive business, and this is where we differ.

Rather than purchasing a new device, why not enhance the visual attractiveness of the one you already have? This seems exciting because it will not only save you money but will also allow you to show off your creative abilities. You can now customize the device’s skin to your taste. There’s no need to rely on someone else’s ideas and designs when you can create your own with relative ease.

Should you Customize your Phone Back Cover?

This is an obvious question, as we should seek to modify the skin of our device in order to make it appear attractive in the genuine sense. This will spare you the trouble of having to buy a new product while the old one is still in good working order. This is how phone skin designer software has changed the game and helped hand-held devices become more magical.

We can alter the phone or smartphone’s skin for a variety of reasons, including –

  • The device is cosmetically altered and given a new appearance.
  • You will not have to pay for a new gadget.
  • On the device’s skin, you can put your favorite images, designs, patterns, or colors.
  • The device can be given the appearance of a specific kind.
  • In a true sense, the back cover can be made to look brilliant and wonderful.
  • Users can show off their artistic side by customizing the smartphone with their preferred design.
  • There is no need to rely on designs produced for someone else.
  • A terrific method to personalize your phone cover and make it have the impact you want it to have.
  • Finally, there’s a chance to make the handheld device look fresh.
  • Get the enchantment that only a recently purchased item can provide.

Features Phone Cover Design Software:

We now have software that allows us to personalize the skin and back cover of any of our mobile devices. So, regardless of whether we have a laptop, a phone, or an iPad, we can now easily customize the back cover of any of them. The task-specific software we have is advanced in nature, with several features and functionalities.

Here are features and functionalities of the software –

1. Create your own customized skin design:

The software was created to assist users who have hand-held devices and want to personalize their device’s skin. They can design using a template or from scratch, as both methods can be employed for design objectives. The size and shape of the goods are irrelevant because any gadget’s skin cover can be altered in a matter of minutes.

All you have to do is choose the product you want to alter, and the rest is simple; even handling the product is not difficult. With almost minimal technological skills, you can design.

2. Choose any colors, text, or graphics:

Users can select any color from a wide gallery incorporated into the app. Everything is possible with the tool, from aligning the text to selecting the font of choice, from utilizing graphical effects to tinkering with photos. Cropping, rotating, and stretching photos to achieve the optimum visual impact takes seconds.

It’s also able to apply borders to the text or photos, as well as shadow effects. To top it off, photographs in any format may be uploaded to bring the rear cover to life. You can certainly think of anything to put the device back to life.

3. Leverage the power of 3D technology:

The software uses 3D technology to make product design look more realistic.

You can now touch the back cover from every angle and get a good feel for it. You may use a 360-degree perspective to custom develop your design and obtain the results you want. Because three-dimensional technology is used, there will be no discernible difference between the genuine design and the personalized design you make.

All of the visual effects that have been included and developed may be seen and previewed before deciding on the design for your back cover.

4. Compatibility across devices and web browsers:

The app for customizing your device’s back cover is not only simple to use but also cross-platform compatible. That is, you can access them from any device and use these online tools to their full potential. These programs are also multi-browser compatible, meaning they load quickly in any browser.

This also means you can access them regardless of the web browser you’re using. This feature aids in the smooth operation of the software as well as the easy expansion of their presence to new markets and consumers.

5. Simple front-end and admin panel:

It is not a problem for consumers or those who want to utilize phone skin designer software for commercial purposes to use it. It offers a user-friendly front-end interface and an equally user-friendly admin panel.

Sellers can integrate the tool with their e-commerce site and assist buyers with skin customization possibilities. The interface will load quickly, allowing users to take advantage of the features and customize the skin cover with ease. Learning to use the product is simple, and no one will have any problems at any point.


The user can express their creativity by using product customization tools to create the greatest phone cases for themselves.

With the different customizing possibilities available, the user can turn their perception into reality. Finally, when you complete the design, preview it. Then Save, Pay and get it manufactured.



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How Gojek Clone Script Is Going To Change Your Business Strategies




How Gojek Clone Script Is Going To Change Your Business Strategies

In today’s busy environment, all people around the world rush into regular day-to-day work. On the other hand, the increasing technology evolutions smarten their lifestyles accordingly. In that, the on-demand app-based industry sectors are a huge contribution. And, utilizing various on-demand apps for usage, combining everything into one source is trendy now. On which, the Gojek clone script assists entrepreneurs very much.

In this blog, we are going to discuss how the immersive clone script is going to change your business strategy to the next level. And, make you a winner in your selective marketplace online.

Energetic Features of Gojek Clone Script for Increased Market Growth

If you are looking for a startup or already running an on-demand service business online and are thinking of extending your services with multi-industry sectors, you can smartly choose the Gojek clone script. So, the powerful premade source provides you a lot of in-built features as follows. So that your business gets quick market growth even in a competitive environment.

  • Fast User Onboarding – Utilizing your multi-service app’s in-built social media log-on options the customer can smartly complete their signups.
  • Seamless Performace – With the enhanced tech trait upgrades your app from the immersive clone script naturally has seamless performance.
  • Nearby Service Handlers – The customers can track nearby available service handlers through their customer app interface and book for services quickly.
  • Live Tracking – The in-built Geolocation tracking system lets the service handlers easily track exact route mapping to the customers’ locations.
  • Multi Payment Option – Your customers while booking for services can be smartly notified of the estimated costs. So that they can pay the amount online in advance or offline after service.
  • Schedule Booking – With the schedule-based booking option, the customers can book for services that could be attended at their convenient timings.
  • Push Notifications – All business players while the business in progress could rapidly be intimated information through push notifications in the overall operation.
  • Robust Admin Control – Though the latest tech traits strongly cover your new multiservice app, you could get your admin panel strong enough for your effective business management online.

Gojek Clone – Proven Strategies for Your Online Multiservice Startup

Above all the notable opinions, the Gojek-clone script allows you to apply some proven strategies in the real-time multiservice business. It would be completely great for your rapid business achievement within a very short period. So, let’s see those amazing strategies in the following.

Different Services Availability

The key point of multiservice app success in the real-time market is it combines with lots of different service industries. Apt to this, make available your new multiservice app with some people-regularly-use-app-services like taxi booking, food/grocery/medicine delivery, handyman, etc. The process would be too smart for you with the Gojek clone’s easy merchant add-on solution.

Instant Customer Responses

Based on the increased competitiveness in on-demand market industries, sustaining your respective multi-service business could be achievable with instant customer responses. The demand-beating action in business is greatly possible by the in-built rapid push notifications technology available in the Gojek clone.

On-time Reaching Customer Locations

And, in today’s on-demand app users, the most required stuff is on-time attending customers for services. Follows, while your app fulfills the existing needs of users, it motivates them to engage with your multiservice online. So that your business could get strengthened with obtaining users as one of the well-proven strategies.

User-centric Modulations

The successful on-demand service providers in the market are still utilizing the effective tactic on user captivations. Even after your complete user-analytic-based business app is launched in real-time, modulating it frequently is necessary. So, it makes your business players feel reliable on security and user concerns.

Admin Side of Powerful Strategical Boosting Ups

Above all, from your admin side, for your new multiservice business app to the users, you can provide some service handler convenient feature options. As well, by utilizing the in-app promotional options available in the Gojek clone, you can smartly increase your brand visibility as follows.

Service Handlers Convenient Options

Utilizing the built-in Gojek clone options such as On/Off toggle, SOS button, Accept or Reject Customer Requests, your app could be service handlers friendly in the overall business function. Therefore, they can work at their convenience. And, have the option to take intervals after heavy workloads.

In-app Promotional Activities

Most of all, the in-app promotional gateways like promo codes, coupon code dispatching, discount announcements, social media integration and present, and referral programming available in the Gojek clone script helps you to promote your business via in-app promotional activities.

Final Thought

On-demand multiservice apps today are widely used by people around the world. Considering its sudden growth in the on-demand market area, entrepreneurs like you are showing interest to invest in the winning business model.

In that, the Gojek clone script becomes too beneficial for your app development. By applying the proven strategies as discussed in the entire blog, you can smartly manage your business with huge market growth.

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