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7 Business Advice For New Entrepreneurs



7 Business Advice For New Entrepreneurs

Everyone says, “your biggest learnings are from your silliest mistakes,” which is not wrong. Failures do teach all of us how to succeed in the end. Starting a new business, making it grow, and finally turning it into a profitable enterprise is similar to building Rome. A budding entrepreneur has to give everything from his time, money, and effort to get things done. Only and only dedication of an entrepreneur towards his new business can lead him to success.

But the real question is, how can new entrepreneurs know what to do and what not to at the early stage of business? New entrepreneurs always struggle for the right advice, break your echo chamber and appropriate direction. Well, in this article, we have rounded up seven pieces of business advice for new entrepreneurs that will surely help them thrive.

1.  Slow & Steady Wins The Race

Often, new entrepreneurs with a passion in their blood and lust for early success hustle to build a business. Romans built the Colosseum in 1949. However, its glory is uninjured even today. It is because they invested money in outsourcing the best materials, dedicated their time to build the best architecture, and made efforts to construct something that will last forever.

Similarly, budding entrepreneurs should slowly and gradually play for success. You will be surprised to know that these 20 companies in the world have been operating since their foundation for hundreds and thousands of years. This proves how their generation-wise entrepreneurs have put efforts to gift a successful company to their next generations.


2.  Choose A Right Niche And Stick To It

The second piece of advice to new entrepreneurs is to find a niche that is business-ready. A trusted virtual office in London W1 is the best example of understanding this point. They found the emerging need for virtual meeting rooms in these times of coronavirus pandemic. So little did they know about it providing virtual room service became their niche? There are lots of real-life examples of companies that have inspiring concepts behind determining their niche.

You can take help from Google Trends, which shows you the year-round popular business trends. Once you discover a niche of your interest, stick to it and stretch every bit to make it turn into reality from an idea.

3  Pursue A Business That You Love & Are Confident About

You can’t love everything you do. However, you can surely do everything you love. Pursuing a business that you love will increase the chances of you putting in the most outstanding effort. Imagine you are a literature lover, and your company is involved in providing app development services. That’s quite a mismatch. Instead, imagine, you always get tired of drinking coffee while you go to work, and you start your coffee house. Therefore, you should select a business that you love and are confident to run on your own.


4.  Develop Mind to Attain Customer Delight

Ask yourself, what are you working for, customer satisfaction or customer delight? If the answer is customer satisfaction, it is time to pause and rethink. Since the beginning, set your mind to work for customer delight and not mere customer satisfaction. It is super essential for a new entrepreneur to offer customer delight because it will create their first customer base. Having an influential customer base in the first go can make a stellar business impression, and your initial customers can help you bag your future customers.

5  Never Under-estimate Your Competitors

No business can foster without having competitors. Competitors are the driving force for any new or established business. Being a new entrepreneur, you might not know that business is cut-throat. Competitors knock down each other to reign the business game. You, while entering the business world, should know the tidbits about competitors and their business undertakings. It will help you make space in the market for your products/services and later make them preferable over your competitors’.


6.  Keep Your Start-up Team Motivated

People who never left you, in the beginning, are the ones that won’t leave you till the end. You simply need to keep them tuned. In place of focusing on customer satisfaction, employee morale is one thing new entrepreneurs miss out on. It’s essential to celebrate an employee’s meager efforts and give a pat on their back. It is a must to tell your employees to trust the process, and success will follow. Tell them to keep up with their efforts and excellent work, and they will have your back forever.

7.  Be Confident, Be Consistent, & Never Give Up

Everyone faces failures. The bottom line is to be confident, be consistent, and never give up. As Nike says, ‘Just do it,’ you should not give second thoughts to anything before doing it. Don’t question your decisions once made, don’t cross-verify things, don’t compare outcomes, and don’t think whether you made the right call or not this time. Simply get down to business, have faith in yourself, and consistently put effort into everything. Within a few years, you will realize what you have achieved by being persistent and not giving up early.



Don’t think much. You are an excellent entrepreneur with the potential to make the lives of people better with your ideas. Just recall these seven tips every day while doing business, and nothing will stop you from growing and eventually succeeding.

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The Benefits of PPC for Spas





When it comes to SEO for spas, it is important that you consider the leading search engines and their traffic counts. You need to remember that these websites are not just about business; they are also about showcasing their fine beauty as well as the services and products that they offer. As such, it is important that you have high rankings in all of the popular search engines, which include Google, Yahoo!, MSN and Alta Vista. In order to do this, it is advisable for you to do some paid advertising or SEO for spas.

SEO for spas works in such a way that it will drive a huge number of visitors to your website. These visitors will enter the website through the links that you placed within the different pages of your website. As such, when these visitors click on these links, you will get more chances to earn more revenue. The good news here is that you do not even have to pay for any kind of advertisement in order to get a huge number of people visiting your website. SEO for spas PPC for spas can help you achieve this.

In SEO for spas PPC, you will be able to choose the best keywords that can attract a lot of customers. This will then lead to a series of website traffic that will eventually lead to a higher page ranking. You can also choose other keywords that will target a specific niche or geography. When these keywords are used, it becomes easier to reach a wider audience. In PPC campaigns, it is essential to make sure that you have selected the most effective keywords that will help you gain more customers.

Another benefit that you can get from PPC for spas is the direct communication between you and the customers. With SEO for spas, you will be able to send automatic messages to your customers about special offers, new products, or any other information that you want them to know. This means that you do not have to wait for them to ask you about these things when they are searching through search engines like Google.

With PPC for spas, there is also the option of sending automated queries to these websites targeted for SEO for spas. These websites will get sent with an automated message that is pre-written by the SEO expert. With this, it is easy for you to monitor the progress of these websites that are getting more traffic. You will also know if they are giving out accurate data or not. In this way, you can be sure that you are targeting the right websites to advertise your businesses in.

One of the benefits of PPC for spas is that you can choose to target only those spas that cater to your niche. This way, you are ensuring that you will only be sending messages that are relevant to the customers. This will help you increase the number of customers that you are getting. It is also a good strategy since some of them might end up being your loyal customers later on.

Another benefit that you can get from PPC for spas is that you will be able to get more traffic on your website. This will be very helpful since you do not have to spend a lot of time just on SEO for spas. However, it is important for you to make sure that you only advertise the websites targeted for your niche. Otherwise, you may find out that your campaigns will cost you a lot more than what you expected. This is the reason why you have to be careful in choosing which website to advertise on.

With the help of PPC for spas, you are guaranteed of gaining more customers. In fact, this is one of the effective ways on how you can easily get more income online. There is no doubt that you will have to spend some amount for the PPC services. But in the long run, you will be able to gain a lot from the effort that you have made.

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Be Smart with Chat Messages: Using WhatsApp for Business Is the Next Best




Did you know at least 20% of Brazil’s businesses and companies use WhatsApp for business?  That’s right. From small grocery shops at the corner of the locality to large multinational companies, in Brazil, talk of the biz is WhatsApp for Business.

Telephonic, one of the largest telephone and communications companies of Brazil uses WhatsApp for customer service. Various real estate companies use WhatsApp for Business to sell properties perfectly tuned to their customer’s preferences.  In Brazil, right from online cab bookings to ordering pizza, to booking a train or flight seat or online shopping, everything can be done through WhatsApp.

Starting in 2014, Mitsubishi Motors company reached out to their potential clientele using WhatsApp. They communicated to the customers about car colors, engine power, fuel efficiency etc. If the client showed interest, Mitsubishi connected them to local dealers to arrange for test drives.

 A lot of Brazilian hotels and resorts use WhatsApp marketing software to advertise and also accept bookings and payments through the app. So now the question arises: What do they know, that the rest of the world doesn’t?

Why Use WhatsApp for Business?

This semi-formal younger brother of WhatsApp packs a variety of weapons in its arsenal to help your business rise through today’s muck of online businesses. Start your business with WhatsApp marketing.

Let’s Talk About the Area

WhatsApp has more than 3 billion daily active users. In brazil 93% of the total population uses WhatsApp. In India 66% of active internet users use WhatsApp daily. In Germany 83% of the teenagers and young adults use WhatsApp. In Short, from old to young, from rich 1% to broke 99% anyone and everyone is on WhatsApp. With this huge number of users WhatsApp gives you the best chance to reach your first customer.

Rate Of Openings

How can you send your brand’s advertisement to any person in the world within a second? Through email. And which mode of communication gets less than 30% opening rate? That is also an email. Consumers these days receive hundreds if not thousands of promotional emails every week. It’s only normal that most of those get ignored or deleted or marked spam.

The dying King of social media Facebook can get you at most 60% organic post interaction and link opening rate. WhatsApp on the other hand can get you a 98% opening and interaction rate. So, If you do not want your crafty promotional message to be forgotten and ignored till the end of time use WhatsApp for business.

Other Cool Features

WhatsApp for Business comes with a plethora of extremely helpful features to help you stay afloat in this covid affected turmoil sea of business and marketing.

  • Business Profiles : You can create attractive business profiles with helpful information like what kind of product/service you provide, how to contact you outside WhatsApp, link to your website etc.
Text Box:  SEQ Figure \* ARABIC 1 WhatsApp For Business : Business Profile
  • Quick Replies: With this feature you can pre-save some answers to frequently asked questions. So that you can quickly satisfy your customers’ curiosity about your product.
  • Automated messages: Does not matter if you are busy or your phone is just out of juice. With WhatsApp for Businesses automated message feature you can ensure that your customer always receives a warm greeting, get up to date about your latest sales and offers and get the link to buy some of your limited edition stuff.
  • Catalogue: With this feature you can create a catalogue of your products / services with price tags and links to the shop to provide a hassle-free shopping experience for your customers.
  • Labels: WhatsApp for Business lets you arrange your contacts with very helpful labels like: Confirmed order, Pending Payment, Pending Refund, Payment received, Product shipped, order completed etch.
  • You can use a landline number to make a WhatsApp for Business account.
  • Looking for WhatsApp Marketing Software? Check out list of the

Top WhatsApp Marketing Software solutions.

Be Smart with Your Chat

Now WhatsApp for Business only hands you the arsenal. You have to be creative with it to woo a mildly interested person to a loyal customer. Remember, people are used to the casual and informal tone of WhatsApp.  So be strategically friendly with those one on one chats.  The tips provided below can serve as a loose guide to hone your communication skills.

Acquiring Contacts

To start any chat on WhatsApp for Business you have to acquire the person’s contact number. Here are some smart ways to do it.

  • Add What Help Widget to your website. It will help the potential customers directly start a WhatsApp chat with you.
  • If you have some people already in your contact who are interested in your product or services encourage them to share your brand’s website or WhatsApp for business contact number with a referral offer. As example: If 2 people order something using your contact’s unique referral code, all three of them will receive 30% off of their purchase. New interested people will contact you on how to avail their offer.

Getting Your Number Saved

Sending only promotional messages will result in people silencing your account or reporting it as spam or straight up blocking you for life. 

To avoid those unwanted consequences give your brand profile a persona. Like “Milan, from the Customer Service team”.  Keep the tone of the chats informal, casual and just the right amount of friendly. This sprinkle of personality will make your brand profile more approachable to people and they will be more likely to save your contact.

Sales And Engagement

Now, acquiring contacts is not enough. A business is no business if it can’t sell its products as well as retains a core of loyal customers. Here are some time tested tips to boost your sales and retain your customers.

  • Give new and potential customers a good reason to buy and keep buying from your business. Like a new customer’s X% off coupon.
  • Give loyal customers free gifts or unique offers. Like: Free gifts every 5th order.
  • Use automated messages and WhatsApp groups and Broadcast features to remind your customers of upcoming offers and product launches.
  • Don’t forget to follow up promotional messages with one on one chats to share further information about the product/ offers with them
  • Create a Fear of Missing out among your customers by coming up with limited edition merchandises. Afraid to miss out on good deals, customers are more likely to buy those things.
  • You can create fear of missing out also by giving out limited time offers or flash sales using WhatsApp’s story feature. WhatsApp story stays visible for 24 hours only. Inform your customers that your offer will last only for those 24 hours.  Help the potential customers who relied on your story, to redeem the offer.
  •  You can make WhatsApp groups with properly defined intentions and guidelines with your customers and engage them with exclusive offers, discussions about their specific products etc.
  •  Name the groups aptly like: “prime member’s gang” or “ X product preorder squads” etc.

With its huge user demographics, helpful tools and hassle-free experience WhatsApp for business provides you the best man o’ war to redeem the mostly untapped potential of WhatsApp marketing.  With the Covid imposed lockdowns hitting us, WhatsApp marketing is truly a technology of today and future of tomorrow.

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Top Things Managed IT Service Providers Do for Your Business




Managed IT Service Provider

When an organization expands, so do its technical requirements. Growing companies also discover that partnering with the right Managed Services partner saves them time and resources. Managed IT Service Provider allows you to supplement your current IT personnel and infrastructure by collaborating with a committed IT company to manage your network, servers, machines, and all of your technology needs. This is the ideal approach for businesses that need maximum productivity but cannot support a massive on-site IT workforce.

What are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services, also known as outsourced IT, are a form of third-party provider that offers technology, IT, and other technical support to companies. This kind of organization is also known as a managed service provider.

The provision of services MSPs provides a wide range of services, including cybersecurity, VoIP services, backup retrieval, and more. When an organization lacks the resources to recruit and maintain its own in-house IT staff, it would usually pursue outsourced IT assistance. Alternatively, they may prefer the skills and incentives that outsourcing can offer.

Because of IT issues’ breadth and complexity, it is not unusual for an organization to use a Managed Service Provider in any capacity. However, as with many other areas of technology, MSPs cover a wide variety of diverse types of regulated services.

Here Are Ten Things To Search For When Selecting a Managed IT Services Provider:

1) Accessibility

You do not run 24 hours a day, but the network device and IT supplier do. When considering a managed services provider, ensure that they are open to 24/7/365 a year. It is critical to the company’s success.

2) Rapid Service and Responsiveness

Not only must the supplier be available at all hours, but they must also react promptly to your needs and concerns. We ensure that the IT company does not send calls to a call center and instead responds in a timely fashion. Look for a response time promise.

3) IT Budgeting for the Year

A decent managed services company will sit down with you and support you in your future infrastructure preparation. Seek their advice and guidance to assist you with yearly plans and opportunities to save money and boost productivity on technologies that can help the business expand to the next level. Check to see that the managed services company is working ahead and looking out for your best interests.

4) Planning for Disaster Recovery

Are you ready if your organization was struck by a cyberattack or other interruptions? A successful managed services provider can help you plan for the future, protect your records, and ensure that your organization will rebound from a disruptive incident.

5) Partnerships for Third-Party Distributors

A managed services company will treat application suppliers for you, saving you the time of hunting down several vendors for operation and assistance. When assessing a supplier, remember who they work with and whether they have experience in the software you need.

6) On-Site Service and Upkeep on a Local Scale

Make sure you choose a Managed IT Services provider that offers on-site service. Using a local company ensures that you have the best support possible.

7) Backups on a Regular Basis and Cloud Providers

Hiring a managed services provider is an excellent way to keep the data safe and stable. Check that your provider offers automated and reliable backups that are stored on a remote server for privacy.

8) Measuring and Testing for Security

A successful managed IT services company will assist you in defending your network from malicious hackers. Be certain that the schedule involves routine vulnerability checking, IT Security, and threat tracking.

9) Workplace Support

Your workers would be unable to complete their tasks while they are battling with technology. Be sure the IT managed services vendor is available to offer fast responses to technology queries, and so you can fix problems easily using the remote control.

10) Preventative Maintenance

The tendency in a busy, rising organization is to only patch technology as it breaks. A managed services partner will ensure that you are running the patches you need now to prevent complications later.

Managed IT Services Contribute to The Profitability

Managed IT Services providers can add great benefits to your company and increase your bottom line by optimizing productivity by saving time, saving money on issues when they emerge, or preventing expensive disasters and maintenance. Finding a true partner to look after your infrastructure needs would help the company grow to the next level.

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