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6 Simple And Easy To Fix Reasons Why Your Car Might Not Pass Verification



Simple and Easy-To-Fix Reasons to Pass Car Verification-1

The vehicle verification in CDMX returns on July 2, and here we give you 6 easy points to review to make sure that your car will pass without problem.

Before, users came to checkpoints confident, almost certain that their car would pass the test as long as it had the stipulated age. Not anymore, with the new program the rejections have increased and sometimes the reasons are as simple as they are easy to amend. Searching to buy used Honda Accord VTEC online? Auto for Trade is the ultimate answer to buy used vehicles online.

Remember that with your payment you have the right to two attempts, so if you are rejected the first time it is important that you review the following points before taking your turn again if you do not want to be rejected again and then yes, have to pay again the fee.

Check the Witnesses

It is one of the main reasons why cars do not receive the ‘0’ decal since any warning light related to the engine that is on at the time of verification will cause rejection, even if said warning does not appear to be important or if it does not reflect the actual condition of the car.

For example, for cars that warn about maintenance intervals, it is very important that you check if the central display does not indicate that it is close to service and also that you ask the workshop or dealer to reset it after having performed the maintenance service correspondent.

Waters with the Muffler

It is a somewhat silly cause, but it is well worth mentioning. As cars age, certain harmful particles may remain in the tailpipe and build up over the years.

When the operator of the verification center inserts the probe to measure emissions, it will register all those stored particles and will assume that they are emitted by the engine at that moment, so your car will be rejected and you will have to try again.

It does not matter that your engine is in excellent condition and that its actual emissions are much lower, so it is convenient that, with each maintenance, you ask your dealer or workshop to clean this area of ​​the car as much as possible.

Waters with the Muffler

Make sure the Oxygen Sensor is Active

It is the most common failure, and one of the main complaints from users with new cars. The thing is like this, when the car rolls its first kilometers the oxygen sensors and their connection with the OBD are not activated at the moment, but for a few kilometers you’re driving and acceleration habits are ‘learned’ to adapt to the environment of the vehicle. Best possible way.

During this period of time, if you take your car to the verification site, the computer that receives the information from the car will not be able to establish a connection and will assume that something is wrong with your car, even if it is practically new and is in the best of conditions terms.

We suggest that you ask the agency how to proceed with the first verification of your car so that the service personnel can guide you in this regard, since the parameters for each brand are variable and depend on the configuration of each manufacturer.

Supposedly, you should not have conflicts checking after 500 kilometers, but if you do, your dealer must assist you at no cost.

High Carbon Monoxide Emissions

It’s the reason why more cars are rejected every day, and it doesn’t necessarily involve overly expensive or complex mechanical failures. The root is that there is more air than there should be in the combustion chamber at the moment of ignition, but this can be corrected with a check in your workshop since generally the specific cause is a dirty oxygen sensor that is not correctly detecting the amount of air and therefore injects less gasoline into the cylinder. A checkup or cleaning is not excessively expensive or time consuming.

High Concentration of Hydrocarbons

As such, your car’s emissions contain a large percentage of unused gasoline, which will also bring higher fuel consumption than expected. All modern engines inject slightly more gasoline into the engine than is necessary, and the portion that does not ignite is used to cool the engine to keep temperatures under control.

If even more gasoline is injected, this is when the concentration increases to illegal levels and the car is rejected. Generally, the root of this problem is that your spark plugs are in bad condition and your car already requires a tune-up or they are just dirty, but in both cases the solution is relatively simple.

Another reason for this failure is that the gasoline is contaminated with a secondary component, which could well be water. In this case, the repair is more expensive since you will have to remove the fuel tank to drain it along with the entire injection system and replace all the spark plugs.

OBD Connector Failure

A reason that may not be common, but is so simple that it is worth mentioning just to make sure that this is not why your car does not pass. As with our mobile phones, it is possible that one of the pins of the OBD socket is dirty and not detected when carrying out the process.

However, every time you take your car to one of their maintenance services a scanner is connected to it and if your service advisor does not tell you anything, it is very likely that there is no problem in this regard.

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Monitor Your Vehicle’s Performance Through Car Diagnostic Test



Car Diagnostic Test

You know the performance of your car the best. You clearly understand the pros and cons your vehicle is giving to you. But sometimes your car works the way you do not get, or you hear noise coming out of the car. That is when you get anxious about what is happening to your car, and you need to monitor your vehicle’s performance through a car diagnostic test and it can be done by using torque pro.

What Is a Car Diagnostic Test?

At first, you must know that what is the car diagnostic test in actual. Right?

A car diagnostic test is testing where your vehicle is lacking. It helps you understand whether the problem is with the engine, exhaust, transmission, ignition, oil tank, throttle, or something else. You can do your car diagnostic test from a mechanic, or you can also perform it yourself. It would be best to learn how you could perform a car diagnostic test by yourself, investing lesser time and money.

Does Your Vehicle Require A Car Diagnostic Test Frequently?

Many of you must be thinking that does your vehicle require a car diagnostic test frequently or not. It is very usual among cars to catch a problem now and then. People usually wait to get their vehicle inspected only if it receives some apparent problem.

In my opinion, you should often perform a car diagnostic test to secure your car from a massive breakdown and suspend yourself from a hefty loss. Spare a second, and remember when did you get your car checked last time? This is where many people are lacking.

On the off chance that you found out about how to do a car diagnostic test without anyone’s help, you can do it routinely and keep severe issues from happening. So, you should be able to deal with obvious minor problems and fix it with some time before it’s become a significant issue and cost hundreds or even thousands.

How Much Time Required For Car Diagnostic Test?

A car diagnostic test takes only a few minutes to do if you are doing it yourself. When it comes to the car’s diagnostic test, this starts with checking engine light code reading, i.e., OBD2 Bluetooth codes reading. This does not take long and gets done in a few minutes. The mechanics are plugged into the car diagnostic scanner to know where the trouble is taking place.

After this, the diagnostic trouble codes are pulled, and mechanics do some investigation work to know the malfunctions so that the best possible way to fix it can be figured out. This all depends on the error codes.

Suppose you take your car to a mechanic’s shop, then he will make you wait to perform the test. Then after testing, you will have to talk about the issue. Many mechanics alter your genuine spare parts to the used one. Also, you will have to give a significant amount to the mechanic for fixing your car. It is a lengthy and costly procedure. So, I will refer you to do it yourself.

Steps To Do A Car Diagnostic Test At Home

You might be thinking that it will take a long time and effort to test your car. It is not like you are thinking right now that you have to check all your vehicle parts to find the fault. No, it is not like that. You need to do only two simple steps for performing a car diagnostic test at home, and these are super easy. Just stick to the post to help yourself with this.

Step: 1

Diagnostic Trouble Codes Reading (DTC)

Whenever you start a car diagnostic test, know that it will always begin with reading diagnostic trouble codes, i.e., AKA Onboard Diagnostic Codes (OBD Codes). The Onboard Diagnostic framework was presented and made signs for all vehicles sold in the United States since 1996. It sets up a trouble code manual of all self-diagnostic outcomes. In this manner, for all cars sold after 1996, you can utilize a standard OBD2 scanner or reader to do the vehicle diagnostic test.

With the OBD2 scanner’s help, you can diagnose all the troubles, including engine, oil tank, or any other problem. You can know everything through codes that what the problem is and from where it is coming. It does not inform you of the actual situation, but you get to know where the malfunction is occurring and how you can fix it from codes.

Step: 2

Interpretation Of Codes & Then Investigation

After getting the codes, the next step is to understand them that what they really mean and the problem behind your vehicle’s malfunctioning. Different codes indicate different examples. Let us take an example. If you get a code of P0442 indicating the problem Evaporative Emission Control System Leak Detected Small Leak.

The code you get has possible symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and all you have to do by yourself. The activities you are doing are dependent on the codes you get.  For some Bluetooth OBD scanners, there is an app bundled having code reader, and it provides you the information about codes.

Point To Consider

You do not have to an expert for performing a car diagnostic test. Being honest, it is not that complicated as you think. Once you do it, you will get used to it. It will be much more comfortable, and you will save yourself from all the hassle of taking your vehicle to an auto-shop.


Car diagnostic tests are vital for proper vehicle functioning, and it is prescribed that you do it routinely to keep minor issues from turning into a significant issue. Even though carrying your vehicle to a mechanic will be a problem-free decision, you can do it at home to set aside a lot of cash if you don’t see or feel something severely “off”. Regardless of whether you can’t fix the issue, you would then be able to go to mechanics with essential information and forestall tricks.

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