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5 Best SEO Strategies For Ecommerce Websites



Best SEO Strategies For Ecommerce Websites

Widespread internet connectivity, digital payment options, safe and quick supply chain systems, and pattern-observing bots giving you the desired product recommendations are a few reasons behind the surge in the e-commerce industry. According to data-based predictions by Statista, there would be more than 2 billion people buying goods and services through e-commerce sites in the year 2021.

The American stock exchange, NASDAQ, predicts that by 2023, around 90 percent of retail purchases would happen online. These data points clearly show that an online presence is a must for any business to survive in this competitive world. Today, apart from e-commerce giants such as Amazon, Walmart, and Alibaba, we have several niche sites selling specific products like apparel, groceries, cosmetics, electronics, etc. In the service sector, e-commerce is emerging as a winner with localized platforms such as food delivery apps, online furniture shops, real estate websites, etc.

The first step to shoot up in the world of e-commerce is to have a great website. And the SEO parameters are the best way to judge your site. SEO is cost-effective, directs traffic, and increases the reputation of the business. Here is a rundown of some essential SEO strategies for e-commerce sites.

5 Best SEO

1. Easy Accessibility

Imagine clicking on the website URL, and it takes too long to load. Won’t you go back to the search page and look for other options? Similarly, at times, a product may not be available, and the consumer might get a 404 error. As a business owner, one has to take care of such accessibility issues. Redirecting, creating a custom error page are some of the possible solutions available. You could use 301 redirects and take the user to a desired location on the site. If the product is unavailable temporarily, you could update the same on the page. It is also possible to send users email notifications regarding product availability.

When you have several products, it is advisable to have more options rather than infinite scrolling. Scrolling delays the loading, and the users may not see the page footer. One needs to remember that a great UX and UI largely determine the success of the online business.

2. Use Right Keywords

The present-day search engine bots could identify keyword stuffing and could penalize the website for it. But still, keywords are the way to find out customer intention. Though search engines do not provide keywords anymore, they use it for ranking the website. For example, if there is an exact match for the keywords in the e-commerce product descriptions, there is a good possibility that the user lands up on the corresponding page. So, we have a range of keyword suggestion and planner tools such as Ahrefs keyword explorer, Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest, SEMrush, etc.

The Keywords are of two main types: head terms (short-tailed) and long-tailed keywords. Short-tailed keywords are probably the products that we wish to purchase. They are the most common search terms. Long-tailed keywords represent a customer’s intention, like the product they want to buy, their favorite brands, etc.

3. Technical SEO

Once you select the list of keywords from the keyword planner tools based on search volume, commercial intent, and product fit, the next step is to place them in the right place. One needs to prepare a keyword mapping document, which gives the details of keywords used in each page’s elements, such as the page URL, title, H1, H2 tags, and product descriptions. The URL should not be too complicated. Therefore, you have to maintain a simple architecture for the site. It should be such that the user makes only three clicks to reach the home page. Also, it is advisable to include short-tailed keywords in the URL.

For e-commerce websites, it is necessary to implement product schema markup and review schema markup. These let you display product details and their ratings on the SERP (result page). Optimizing the site for mobile is also a must.

4. Link Building

Link building could be external and internal, and both are essential for e-commerce sites. Internal linking (cross-linking within your site) increases customer engagement time. Before linking to another page, one has to ensure that the visitor finds the info useful. Internal linking also makes crawling easier for the search engine bots, thereby increasing the SEO rank. External links from sites help you gain visibility in the online world and establish domain authority.

5. Blogs and Social Media Presence

People are far more satisfied when they get to know about a product on social media platforms. Chances are there that a close friend tries out a new cream and adds a photo, tagging the product name. The users might quickly search for the product info on the same medium. Make sure to update blog links, review snippets, sale info, etc., on these platforms. Some people like to investigate well before making a purchase. You could give detailed info via blogs. Blogs also arouse enthusiasm towards a particular product or service.

Final Thoughts

These days, search engines keep changing the algorithms. However, their main aim is to present the best website to the user. Therefore, like an e-commerce business owner, one must think from the customer’s perspective, understand their needs, and design the site accordingly. Most importantly, one should be able to deliver what is promised. Thus genuine reviews and likeability are also measured while ranking a site for SEO.

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How to Optimize Your Blog Content from SEO Perspective




How to Optimize Your Blog Content from SEO Perspective

Blogs have emerged to be a beautiful mode of communication and boosting medium for businesses. You can tell your perspective on the topics of your niche. It is easy to explain products and services from different angles with blogs.

Do you want to improve your online presence? Are you interested in increasing your brand awareness? Blog SEO is the answer! Optimizing your SEO starts from the same step of creating a blog till its publishing and promotion. We’ll discuss the strategy for achieving blog SEO.

What are the Steps for Optimizing Your Blog as per SEO?

Content writers and SEO marketers need to be clear about why to optimize their blogs. Goals could be:

  • To attract the target audience.
  • For conversion ratio optimization.
  • To spread the word about the uniqueness of their products in the market.

Check out the following tips for covering blog SEO:

Design Your Content After Keyword Research

Keywords are the foundation of the entire content. Do you how search engines display results to the customers when they put their queries? Search engines show results matching keywords with the search intent.

Keyword research helps in addressing the needs of your customers. Also, it decides your rankings on the SERPs. How to do keyword research?

  • There are many websites available online that will ease your search, like BuzzSumo, Ahref,
  • Do competitor’s keyword analysis and what are the trending topics in the market.

You can use keyword synonym and LSI keywords in the heading tags and alt tags. It will bring industry-wide customers to your website.

Come Up with a Compelling Blog Title

The title is the single most crucial factor that could give an edge to your blog. Title improves the relevance of your content for both search engines and users.

But, How? It appears under the website URL on the SERPs. It is the game of a single second. If the title seems appealing to the users, they will click on your website. Otherwise, they’ll skip it.

Now, the question arises, how to design enticing titles?

  • Keep title’s characters between 20-70.
  • Long-tail keywords covering user intent to attract genuine visitors.
  • Make it strong, noticeable with bigger fonts.

Strategize Your Internal Links and External Links

Do you know there is a logic behind assigning internal links? Obviously, one is to take your users to relevant pages on your website. The second is to amplify your ROI. But, we can strike these two birds with one arrow. How? By using anchor text taking your visitors to high converting relevant pages.

External links may seem to be a redundant part. Generally, marketers don’t prefer external links. But, they are necessary from the reader’s point of view. External links are helpful for readers to know more details on the crucial part of the blog. If you’re providing an effective blog, they’ll come back to it again.

Improve Readability of the Blog

Readability is the single most important crucial factor to grab the attention of customers. It makes your text easy to digest and enjoyable. It will earn you more shares, subscribers, followers, and popularity in the online market. These things come under readability:

  • Word choice: You can always choose comparatively easy words rather than difficult to understand for the 8th standard student. If it is required to use industry-related words, assist it with more explanation or example.
  • Short sentences: Use short and simple sentences within bigger sentences. It makes your blog look musical with a combination of short and big notes. Also, you can emphasize specific points.
  • Small paragraph: A wall of big paragraphs instantly drives away readers. Smaller paragraph covering related information improves readability.

Use subheadings and bullet points to help readers get an overall idea of the blog at a glance. 

Write Unique and Updated Content.

Unique content is something covering a topic from a fresh perspective. If users find it interesting, they’ll dig deeper into it. Provide updated content and use conversational language to give your audience a personalized touch.

Also, you can use various elements like humor, questions, bold, italics, quotes, personal stories. Last but not least, put your passion and feelings into the blog. You can contact an SEO agency in India to create fresh content and optimize your website.

Create Strong Visuals

Infographics are increasingly becoming popular in the market for increasing user interactivity. But, why? Infographics help in directing users with images and text.

The plain text involves the user by 10%. On the other hand, infographics by 90%. What is the result? They spend more time on the blog pages.

Also, use visuals to illustrate what is written in the blog. The human mind can process visuals 60,000 times faster than regular information. So, users will remember your blog for a long and come back to you again.


In brief, blog SEO is a must requirement for giving a personalized view of your niche. These are the essential points:

  1. Use infographics and images to improve reader’s engagement with your blog.
  2. Put Internal and external within the content to satisfy the curiosity of the users.
  3. You can write a blog from the customer’s point of view to address their concern areas.

If you have any further queries, suggestions, or insights from the above article, you can ask in the comments section.

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Boost Your Social Media Site & Digital Advertising Through Pikdo




Digital Advertising Through Pikdo

Discover Pikdo as a social media advertising and marketing system social media site administration starts with the base of your fans as well as followings.

To improve your Pikdo advertising, first of all, you need to enhance your fans on a continuous as well as stable basis. The more people understand your brand name, the better your chances are to potentially reach your target market.

You can through the tips as well as techniques on how to explore Pikdo as a social media marketing platform to make your brand much more preferred.

1. Hashtags

Make use of distinct, crisp, purposeful, and appealing Hashtags are not only vital for Twitter; they likewise play a noticeable duty on Pikdo, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and google plus.

According to Dominique Jackson, the beauty of hashtags for Pikdo is they make your material discoverable and enhance your possibilities of engagement.

It’s a big means of just how individuals can locate you through their mobile Pikdo searches. As compared to Twitter, where you’re not restricted by personality matter.

You can include a few tags in your posts to get linked.

While deciding on the hashtag for branding, it is advisable to create brand-specific hashtags. Attempt to maintain it as unique and crisp as feasible.

Make usage of both kind of hashtags; brand-specific hashtags and community-specific hashtags. Brand name hashtags aid you to promote your brand name as well as neighborhood hashtags assist you to come to be much more visible.

Attempt several versions of hashtags such as brand-specific hashtags, basic hashtags, as well as trending hashtags, to obtain noticed in searches.

Examples of brand name particular hashtags are:

  • #PutACanOnIt– Red Bull
  • #ShareaCoke– Coca Soda Pop
  • #SpeakBeautiful– Dove
  • #TweetFromTheSeat– Charmin.
  • #OreoHorrorStories– Oreo.
  • #WantAnR8– Audi.

2. Emojis

Use the ideal Emojis to maintain your target market involved. In any kind of on-line communication, Emojis is the best replacement for the absence of facial expression, tonal inflection, and body movement.

Based upon the truth that 80% of smart device individuals frequently use Emojis in their day-to-day communication, their use has been priced estimate as the highest growing ‘language’ in several of the nations around the world.

Worldwide brand names are clearly stimulated and also enthusiastic to pay on this brand-new form of interaction.

3. Communication Continually Engage with Your Followers.

When you get follower/s, do not hesitate to remain engaged. Regularly message remarkable material which your followers find relevant to their rate of interest and service.

Stay clear of throwing random messages, i.e. once in a week or 10 in a go, regarding possible. At the very least, twice a day publishing is requisite.

As soon as your fans start raising, you can begin publishing three to four times a day. Uniformity matters most! According to Anthony Carbone, “If you stick to a niche and show authenticity and passion in your blog posts, you will certainly find a solid adhering to”.

4. Networking

Develop a favorable area. When you will have an active profile, you will surely begin getting fans of your niche. But the primary concern below is retention! You require to retain them as your specialized fans.

This is, in fact, the most important, a lot of tricky, as well as many considerable issue for any social media account. You require to develop a network of your domain and also keep them involved.

Engage with them, share their posts, offer opinion/comments on their blog posts, ask relevant inquiries, respond to their concerns, as well as keep having all such sort of communication. Furthermore, stay away from debatable posts.

It can badly affect your brand value. Develop a large network of your market and also produce a positive area through your posts and also engagement. Follow your followers and work hard to turn your following into fans.

5. Free Tools

Make one of the most use of Pikdo instagram advertising and marketing tools that are cost-free Pikdo likewise offers complimentary analytics devices for organization profiles; prudently and also sensibly make one of the most use them to market your product or services.

For instance, “understandings”, a logical device, provides you accessibility to engagement information. If your account is at first subscribed as a personal account for your service, do obtain changed to an organization account.

That’s exactly how you can cash advantage of the complimentary tools that organizations make use of to track the shape of their brand on Pikdo. ‘Insights’ assists you comprehend your target market, gives you data on messages with most perceptions, interactions, and also shares.

Eventually, you will end which blog posts are effective and which ones are not working well with your target market.


If you have an online company, why can’t you have a solid social networks visibility as well? Social network marketing via Pikdo can assist you to attain your targeted company objectives with much of the simplicity.

 Pikdo has really committed users, that often utilize it daily. It gives a wonderful social media advertising system to reach potential clients throughout the globe. Usage Pikdo extensively and properly, and expand bigger!

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Embed Facebook Album On Website – Try The Best Tools




Facebook Album

The fact that makes Facebook stand out from the other social media platforms is that apart from using texts as a medium to voice their opinions, the platform is a hub of visuals that enables its users to express their opinions using pictures.

This collection of pictures can, later on, be saved by the user in a collective form often referred to as a Facebook album.

The concept of theEmbedding  Facebook album allows users to save pictures that are in close association with each other. These albums can, later on, be displayed on platforms such as websites for your website visitors to have a look.

If you are wondering about the process of embedding a Facebook album on your website, then in this blog, you will get to know the best tools that can be used for this strategy.

Moreover, we will be highlighting a few major benefits of embedding a Facebook album on your website.

Without any further ado, let’s get started!

Best Tools To Embed Facebook Album On Your Website

●    Taggbox Widget

Leading the list is Taggbox Widget, an amazing social media aggregation & User-Generated Content platform that lets its users aggregate content from over 15+ social media platforms including Facebook.

For aggregating the content, the users have the option to select the source at the beginning of the process. By selecting the album as the source, the users will effectively be able to aggregate the album.

Additionally, the widget can be customized according to the needs and preferences of the users. Users can enhance the look of the widget by selecting from a wide range of options like layouts, templates, colors, etc.

Using the moderation panel, the users can remove any post that they feel would be objectionable or inappropriate.

Analyzing the performance of the widget is important. Hence, Taggbox offers crucial details to its users for tracking the performance of the widget. Such details would help the users determine if the strategy is working as per their expectations or not.

Lastly, if the users of the platform come across any technical or other issues while using the platform, the active back support team would assist them till the issue is resolved.

●    Tagembed

Another social media aggregation tool that allows you to collect, curate and embed content on the website seamlessly and easily is Tagembed. Apart from aggregating content, this tool also offers a multitude of features to its users for enhancing the look and impact of the widget.

Users can leverage various customization options. They can choose the best fit by selecting from a variety of templates, layouts, etc.

The users can keep track of the performance of the Facebook Album widget by getting crucial insights and numbers that will help the users determine the success of the widget.

●    Facebook Album Plugin By Embed Social

Embed Social is a social media aggregation platform that offers a Facebook album plugin to its users for integrating albums on the website. The album can be displayed in a grid layout using this plugin.

If you are looking for more professional features, then the platform offers a Pro version of the plugin that offers more integrations and possibilities to its users to make the widget more impactful and effective.

●    SnapWidget

Snap Widget is an easy-to-use and operate social media aggregation tool that lets users embed content on their website. The tool enables users to choose from a variety of customization options to beautify the look of the widget.

For leveraging more professional features like analytics, Custom CSS, etc, the users need to upgrade to the pro version of the platform.

Benefits Of Embedding Facebook Album On Website

●    Improve The Look Of The Website

If you are looking for ways to improve the look of your website, then integrating Facebook album on your website is what you need to do.

Apart from noticing your website’s interface, your visitors also take a keen interest in your website’s overall presence.

Since visuals are more vibrant, bright, and interactive, it would increase the dwell time of your website visitors as they would be urged to stay for a longer period of time.

●    More Engagement

The level of engagement of your website visitors determines how interested they are in your brand and your products. A high bounce rate on the website reflects that you need to try other means to keep your visitors hooked and engaged.

As mentioned above, since visuals are more interactive and descriptive, they can effectively improve the engagement of your website visitors.

●    Increased Conversions

Once you attain the attention, engagement, and interest of your visitors, they would automatically be compelled to trust you and try out your products that would lead to a boost in your brand conversions and sales.

Closing Note

And it’s a wrap! We have reached the conclusion of the blog and are now sure that you must be thoroughly convinced to embed the Facebook album on your website as well.

This strategy works amazingly well to captivate your website audience, engage them and push them to purchase your products or services.

Since you are now aware of the tools and the benefits of displaying a Facebook album on your website, get going immediately and you will be blown away by the results!

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