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15 Birthday Cakes That You Can Make at Home



Decorate birthday cake

What distinguishes a birthday cake from others? Knowing that it was made especially for you! While a traditional sheet pan or layer birthday cake may include a greeting and candles, it isn’t the only option. A birthday cake should surprise and thrill the recipient, so consider a caterpillar cake, a colourful pinata cake, or a classic chocolate cake.

If cheesecake or an upside-down pineapple cake are your favourites, go ahead and indulge.

Ice cream cakes and icebox cakes don’t require baking but are sure to impress if you seek simple desserts.

We’ve gathered the most incredible recipes for bakers of all skill levels to help celebrate the big day. From a classic chocolate birthday cake to tropical-flavoured confections, a simple yet exquisite cheesecake, and imaginative, multi-layered desserts suited for kids’ birthday celebrations, you’ll find plenty of fantastic ideas here for adults and children alike. Send cakes online to your children and wish them a memorable birthday.

Chocolate Cake

It’s challenging to find someone who dislikes a chocolate birthday cake. This rich and indulgent chocolate cake that makes good use of ordinary pantry ingredients can be made with just a couple of mixing bowls, a whisk, measuring cups, and two cake pans. Order cakes online without any hassle and sends them to your friends.

Unicorn Birthday Cake

A colourful and candy-filled unicorn birthday cake is a particularly festive party dessert.

When you deliver three beautifully coloured cake layers with rich vanilla buttercream icing, gummy bears and sweets, and a rainbow lollipop horn, watch their faces light up.

Cake with Ice Cream

This is a terrific make-ahead cake for any celebration, with three bright, tasty tastes inside to offer the wow factor when it’s sliced. Waiting for the individual layers of ice cream to freeze requires some patience, but the resulting sky-high frozen dessert is well worth it. Send cake online to your father and make his birthday memorable.

Cookie Cake with Chocolate Chips

This enormous cookie cake blends the soft and supple crumb of a buttery pound cake with everything you love about chocolate chip cookies. It’s easy to make in a bundt pan and will please both kids and adults who enjoy cookies.

 Carrot Cakes

A perfectly moist and delectable carrot cake studded with pineapple and nuts and topped with a thick cream cheese frosting is a clear winner when it comes to birthdays.

Use small, slender carrots (like those available at grocery markets). Order cakes online and surprises the recipient on their big day.

Cake with Mango Mousse

A fantastic party dessert comprises two light and fluffy sponge cakes filled with the dreamiest mango mousse. A fruit-flavoured syrup is soaked into the sponge (or store-bought ladyfingers), which balances out the sour sweetness of the creamy mousse.

Rainbow Cake

What could be more fanciful and enjoyable than a slice of rainbow cake in a variety of colours?

This multi-layered cake may appear to be a baking challenge, but it’s not as complicated as it appears. It’s a great dessert for kids’ birthday celebrations or a popular bake sale item. A rainbow cake not only adds colours to the table but also savours your tastebuds.

Fruit-Topped Cheesecake is a Classic Dessert.

This classic restaurant-style cheesecake is heavenly smooth, creamy, and wrapped in a buttery graham cracker crust. It’s a simple yet spectacular dessert.

The sour cream and cherry pie filling topping add colour, sharpness, and sweetness to the dish.

Vanilla Cake with Fluff

This light and delicious vanilla cake are perfect for individuals who prefer vanilla to chocolate.

It’s simple to make from scratch and can be adorned to fit any occasion using your favourite frosting. Send a birthday cake online to your grandmother and surprise her.

Red Velvet Cake

The combination of red velvet cake and fluffy cream cheese frosting is as eye-catching as it is delectable.

To add extra crunch to each slice, toss some chopped nuts on top.

Cake with Chocolate and Bananas

This luscious and creamy chocolate layer cake will make your guests go wild.

For a highly tropical flavour in the finished cake, use almost overripe bananas.

For a more festive look, sprinkle a few chocolate curls on top.

Angel Food Cake with Strawberries

Strawberry angel food cake is a delicious treat for a birthday or baby shower.

While there are only a few steps to this recipe, it is simple to make, and your guests will adore the airy cake texture and sweetened whipped cream filling.

Italian Wedding Cake

This gorgeous Italian wedding cake is for you if you like coconut.

Two layers of rich and delicious coconut cake are topped with delectable vanilla cream cheese frosting and delicate coconut shreds for a stunning look. Get cakes from the comfort of your abode and adds memories to your collection of time

Lemon Cake with Three Layers

This delicacy is simply delicious, with three gorgeous lemon cake layers filled with tangy lemon curd and finished with a heavenly lemon-coconut cream cheese icing.

It’s perfect for a mother’s birthday cake or a bridal shower treat.

Tiramisu Cake

 A store-bought angel food cake is a terrific shortcut in this lovely, simple recipe, which also incorporates cream cheese, strong brewed black coffee, and coffee liqueur to replicate all of the flavours of the classic Italian tiramisu dessert in cake form.

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What’s Next For Liquorland?





Liquorland is an Australian chain of liquor stores. It was owned by Wesfarmers until its de-merger on 21 November 2018. In 1981, Coles Supermarkets began to develop its interests in liquor and purchased several smaller retail chains, including Liquorland and Vintage Cellars. In the years since, the company has rebranded itself, introduced new stores, and lowered prices. But what exactly is the future of Liquorland?

Flybuys rewards program

If you’re looking to redeem your loyalty points to get free items at liquorland, sign up for the Flybuys rewards program. You’ll get 2,000 bonus points every time you spend $100 online or in-store. The bonus points can then be used towards a free gift card or to shop for wine online. You can use the flybuys rewards store to purchase wine and redeem them for flybuys dollars. There are various wine bundles available, starting at 5,000 points.

Customers can collect Flybuys points for buying alcohol at liquorland, which will be awarded to them on a weekly basis. Members will receive their new cards on Monday. Liquorland is one of the many brands that have launched loyalty programs recently. This loyalty program has the potential to challenge the Woolworths Everyday Rewards program and Coles’s Everyday Rewards. In addition to offering reward points, Flybuys has new business partners.

In addition to a rewards program, you’ll also get money off of a variety of other items at liquorland. You can use your Flybuys dollars for money off of Coles, Kmart, or Liquorland. It’s also possible to complete surveys to earn bonus points. You can also download an app to track your points and check whether they’re redeemable for free products. The app offers you the option to use a temporary card for free purchases until you receive your permanent card.

The Trade Desk’s platform provides a range of tools to measure the effectiveness of digital campaigns. Using de-identified data, brands can easily measure how their marketing campaigns perform compared to their competitors’. With the ability to measure sales conversion by category or product, brands can make informed decisions quickly and easily. You can also track the performance of your campaign by combining your Flybuys and Coles rewards cards.

You can earn Flybuys points at various retail partners, including Coles supermarkets and Kmart, First Choice Liquor, Target, and Liquorland. Using your Flybuys points at Coles and First Choice Liquor stores will earn you Velocity Frequent Flyer points, which can be exchanged for retail items from these outlets. Using the Flybuys points for Virgin Australia flights will earn you Virgin Australia miles.


After extensive customer-led research, Coles is set to overhaul its liquorland chain, repositioning its bottle stores for an upmarket customer base. The rebranding process has already begun, with a trial concept store opened in Melbourne’s Oakleigh in May. The new store will feature an open, spacious layout and emphasis on local producers, a change from the red and yellow colours currently being used. The company is expected to roll out the new look across all of its 743 bottle shops.

In an effort to stay ahead of discount liquor chains, Liquorland has repositioned itself to become an upmarket brand by emphasizing premium craft beer and local wine makers. The Oakleigh store, for example, has ditched its iconic colour scheme in favour of a more modern, contemporary look. The new design aims to improve the store’s overall feel, make its pricing and signage more clear. This new branding is set to be rolled out over three horizons.

Coles has been working to transform the Liquorland stores over the past five years. About 80 per cent of them are now complete, and the new store format has been proving to be a success. In addition, Coles Liquor is replicating its online successes to other parts of its business. Click and collect and online sales are up 30 per cent, and the rebranded stores are delivering on expectations. The company is looking forward to the next evolution of the Liquorland renewal program, and has already achieved success.

Price drop

Wesfarmers’ biggest alcohol chain has announced a massive price drop. Customers can save up to 70% off hundreds of popular drinks, including popular spirits and wines. The reductions will last for up to three months, so there’s no reason not to treat yourself and your loved ones to a nice glass of bubbly this Easter. Listed below are some of the items that will be marked down at Liquorland this Easter.

The company first sold alcohol in 1937 and is one of the most well-known brands in Australia. In 1997, Liquorland was bought by Wesfarmers, which separated from Coles, though it remains a part of the Coles Group, which owns various commercial chains throughout the country. If you’re looking for a great price on imported spirits, be sure to shop at Liquorland. With over 600 locations throughout Australia, it’s hard to find a better deal on a wide selection of alcohol.

If you’re looking for a deal on a specific type of beverage, Liquorland’s Specials section is the place to start. These are separated into different categories: wines, beer, and cider. There are also discounts on different types of drinks, including pre-mixed cocktails and bottle bundles of the week’s spirit. While you’re there, don’t forget to take advantage of their many special offers and promotions.

New concept store

A refreshed Liquorland concept store is set to open in Draper, Utah, this summer. The new store will feature better pricing, a more spacious layout and more emphasis on local producers. It is expected to be a major step up from the chain’s current state of affairs. While many critics have been critical of Liquorland, the chain has embraced the changes and looks forward to seeing them in action.

The brand’s iconic bottle shop will still be there with the huge lettering but it will be more refined with a black-and-white colour scheme and a more open layout. The new liquorland concept focuses on premium craft beer and local wines, but there will still be plenty of familiar choices. The new store design will have a large display area to showcase the wines and spirits. It will also offer more than 700 different bottles in stores nationwide.

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How to Find a Wilko Near Me




wilko near me

Trying to find a Wilko near me? This article will show you how to find a store near you, what the opening times are, and how you can get directions to your nearest location. There are also helpful resources on the Wilko website that can help you locate a store near you. If you’re worried about driving to an unfamiliar store, these resources can help you find a store within five miles of your home.

Find A Wilko Store Near You

If you’re looking for a great way to find household goods, homeware, and more, try finding a Wilko store near you. You can use the website to find a location, find hours, and even get driving directions. The website also includes reviews written by customers, and even a map. All you need to do is input your information and you’ll find a Wilko store near you!

You’ll also want to find a Wilko store near you if you’re in the city or surrounding areas. Wilko stores typically close at 5pm, but some are open even later. During an outbreak of the Covid virus, these stores are open longer. In addition to their hours, they also feature a farmers’ market near the store. You can also call the store’s customer service line to see if they’re open.

Whether you’re looking for a wilko store near Manchester, you’ll find a great range of products and prices at Wilko. The Wilko product line focuses on home essentials, including stationery, textiles, and DIY supplies. They also offer a wide range of pet products, and seasonal lines, such as Christmas decorations and toys and games from September to January. Wilko also offers more than 14,000 own brand products.

You’ll also find Wilko in many major cities. Located in Worksop, Wilko has been one of our favourite home decor stores for years. We’re going to miss them, but there are many alternatives within five miles. Find a Wilko store near you and make the most of it! The next time you visit, you won’t have to worry about running out of any of your favourite items!

Find Opening Hours

To enjoy the sunshine and an extra day off work, you’ll want to find out the opening hours of Wilko near me. While store hours vary slightly by location, store size, and the type of products available, it’s a good idea to know what to expect. With a store locator, you’ll know what to expect and when to visit! This bank holiday weekend, get ready for the perfect shopping spree!

To make shopping convenient for you, there are websites that let you search for the opening hours of Wilko stores in your local area. These websites make it simple to find a store near you, including their location and phone number. Whether you’re in need of toiletries or a new sofa, you’ll find the perfect gift for that special someone. Browse store hours by postcode, city, or zip code, or type in your location to find the one closest to you.

Find A Store Within Five Miles

If you are looking to save money and time when buying household items, you may want to find a Wilko store near you. These stores have been around for over 85 years, and are a staple of the British high street. Sadly, this popular retailer has announced it plans to close 15 stores this year. Thankfully, there is an alternative if your local Wilko store closes down.

This store is located near Queensgate, Long Causeway, Midgate, Westgate, and Hereward Cross Shopping Centre. It is also within walking distance of Peterborough Central Library, Woodston Library, Broadway Cemetery, Wildlife Haven, the Key Theatre, and the West Ward Bowls Club. You can use a bus to get to the store, as well as walk. But if you’re driving, you can use the online store locator to find a Wilko store within five miles of me.

Opening Times in the UK is committed to providing the most accurate information. For example, you can search for a Wilko store near me in Peterborough, Broadway. This page also allows you to read reviews about the store and rate it using a star system. There are currently 3 Wilko stores open in Swindon. Please remember that these stores may open for different hours on UK legal holidays.

Find A Store In Your Area

If you’re looking for a new supermarket, you may be happy to know that Wilko is closing 15 stores this year as their leases come to an end. These closures will affect the first batch of stores, which will begin next month. However, the retailer says it will not alter its plans to open new stores, and 11 of the 15 stores will be replaced by a Wilko within a five-mile radius.

Founded almost a century ago, Wilko has remained at the cutting edge of homeware. Their Manchester Arndale store, for example, is a cutting-edge showcase for modern homeware. With over 14,000 products, you’ll find everything from stationery to bedding to garden accessories. There are even pick ‘n-mix selections for you to choose from! Whether you’re looking for a new bed or a new sofa, Wilko is a great place to find affordable and high-quality homeware.

Across the United Kingdom, there are 248 Wilko stores that accept pets. Pets are allowed in more than two-thirds of these locations, although it’s best to visit the store with a separate entrance. Stores in shopping centres are generally less likely to accept pets. As such, don’t expect to find a Wilko store in your area, unless you live near one of the locations listed below.

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How to Find Canadian Tire Hours




canadian tire hours

When you’re looking for Canadian Tire hours, you may be wondering how to find the right one for your location. You can find out which stores are closest to you by searching for them on the company’s website. The website will give you information such as the hours of operation, services offered, and contact information. If you don’t find the exact hours you need, you can call the store’s customer service line or call ahead to inquire about the hours at your specific location.

Canadian Tire Address

When looking for Canadian Tire address and hours, you’ll find a comprehensive list of stores and their contact information. You can also browse through the stores by category to narrow down your search by price, brand, rating, or sale items. Online ordering is also available, with payment through Visa or MasterCard. If you’d prefer to pick up your items, you can also return them within 90 days of purchase. The customer service department can help you with any questions, too.

The company’s main business is retail. With over 479 locations across Canada, Canadian Tire is the largest general merchandise retailer in the country. Its four hundred and thirty-one stores serve over 180 million customers annually. The company is a market leader in three product divisions: automotives, household products, and sporting goods. The stores also offer auto services, coupons, and promo codes. Cookies are used by TIENDEO to offer services, analyze traffic, and personalize ads. You can adjust your privacy settings to prevent cookies from collecting personal information.

The Canadian Tire Dollar is accepted as Canadian money, at par. The Canadian dollar is worth one Canadian Tire Dollar. Unlike the US dollar, the Canadian currency can be used at any store without being converted. Regardless of whether you’re purchasing a gift card or a t-shirt, you can always use your Canadian Tire Money to purchase items at any store. These coins are also accepted at most privately-owned businesses. So, you can save even more money when you shop at Canadian Tire.

Canadian Tire Phone Number

If you are looking for the Canadian Tire phone number and hours, you’ve come to the right place. For years, the Canadian Tire phone number and hours has been a mystery. But you may have found it if you’re a frequent shopper at one of their locations. To find out the address and phone number of a Canadian Tire location, read on. You can also find the store’s website.

In addition to selling automotive products, Canadian Tire also sells sports and outdoor living items, housewares, and electronics. It even has an auto centre. In addition to automotive products, Canadian Tire also offers a full line of auto parts and accessories. The company also offers coupons and promo codes, so you can save money while you shop. It also uses cookies to personalize advertisements and analyze traffic. You can adjust your privacy settings to avoid receiving advertisements that target your interests.

To contact Canadian Tire customer service, call the store’s main phone number. The Canadian Tire customer service department is always available to help. You can also use your Triangle Rewards(tm) card to link to your account. You will need to provide a billing address where you wish to have the service performed. If you don’t wish to receive installation services at your billing address, you can specify a different location and alternative Authorized Installer.

Canadian Tire is a national institution. They issue their own currency and have won the highest honor in Canada. The company is currently owned by Martha Billes, a daughter of one of the founders. She owns over 60 percent of the company. If you’re looking for the Canadian Tire phone number and hours, make sure you contact her via this means. You’ll find it’s not only convenient to speak with a representative at the company, but it also makes it easier to get your questions answered and get the answers you need.

To contact Canadian Tire by phone, you’ll need to enter your address into your phone’s address field. You can also call the store’s main number if you need to find out the location’s opening hours. Alternatively, you can contact the store’s customer service department by phone or online. Just remember to give the store a call at least one day before you need to shop there. You will be contacted by a representative within minutes.

Canadian Tire Website

If you are looking for information about their website hours, look no further than the Canadian Tire website. These hours have been designed to help customers plan their weekend activities and save money at the same time. If you’re in a hurry to shop for something, you can also go online and find what you need, like paint, batteries, or batteries for your car. However, you must understand that you can’t always use the website at the same time as a physical store.

Depending on the time of day you plan to visit, you may be able to choose a time that works for you. The Canadian Tire website will allow you to shop by department, or product category. Products include: tires, housewares, electronics, auto body repairs, electrical, and personal care products. You can also browse through the company’s entire catalog, from groceries to electronics. In addition to these categories, you can find everything from small appliances to auto accessories.

For online shopping, you can search for a store near you by zip code. If the store you’re looking for doesn’t have an address in your area, check the Canadian Tire website to find the nearest location. It also features a map that shows where it’s located. The Canadian Tire website also has store locations. In addition to its physical locations, the company has subsidiaries across the country. If you’re interested in purchasing a particular product, you can also go to their website and find out more about their hours of operation.

If you’re not sure how many hours a Canadian Tire store is open, check the company’s website. Store hours vary by location and season. While most stores close at 6pm, you can find out which locations are open in your area by looking at their hours. The hours listed on the website also tell you where they’re located. This can help you to plan your next vacation! This is great news for anyone who has a Canadian Tire near them.

Canadian Tire Store App

To get Canadian Tire store hours, there are several ways to do so. The official Canadian Tire store locator app can help you find your nearest store. Simply enter your location, choose a store, and you’ll be given the operating hours, phone number, and map. In addition, you can search for specific products and get detailed information about their availability, pricing, and more. With the Canadian Tire store locator app, you can shop on the go with the convenience of a mobile device!

The new version of the Canadian Tire store app includes bug fixes and other improvements. The new version also allows guest users to add items to their Wishlist, sync them to their accounts, and more. The company reported a 25 to 30-fold spike in e-commerce traffic in April following the pandemic, when the majority of stores were closed. The new Canadian Tire app is available on iOS and Android. Here’s what you need to know!

The Canadian Tire Corporation is a multinational corporation based in Toronto, Canada. The company has locations in the automotive, hardware, sporting goods, and home and leisure sectors. Other subsidiaries include Canadian Tire Petroleum and FGL Sports. Canadian Tire also operates a number of gas stations across Canada. To be a part of the fast-growing Canadian Tire company, you can get Canadian Tire money. It’s worth 0.4% of your purchases. Once you’ve accumulated enough points, you’ll be able to use it in any Canadian Tire store.

The Triangle Rewards program is another great way to save money while shopping. The app requires you to register for an account, and you’ll be given a keychain mini-card for convenience. The app is available on Apple and Google Play, and will let you sign into an existing account or register for a new one. You can even edit or manage the details of your account within the app. If you’re looking for Canadian Tire store app hours, make sure you visit the Canadian Tire website to find the latest information.

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